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"Monday Nights With Joaner" ~ Playlist for September 24, 2007

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    HOORAY! Last night I was celebrating my birthday season ....and the fact that I have found a rewarding job with PERFECT Barbershopper hours! I will be a
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      HOORAY! Last night I was celebrating my "birthday season"....and the fact that I have found a rewarding job with PERFECT Barbershopper hours! I will be a part time private duty visiting nurse, caring for fragile children in their homes, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 4 to midnight... leaving Mondays free for my show, Wednesdays for Chorus in New England, and Saturday and Sunday for Barbershop Gigs and FUN!

      To commemorate my new job...which starts TODAY, my Ten PM Triple Trivia Contest was all about CHILDREN. As always, when I think it's EASY...NOBODY WINS! In fact, nobody got ANY of the groups correct at ALL! (Your should be ASHAMED of yourselves ;-)

      1 - VOCAL MAJORITY ...... All His CHILDREN

      2 - THE RITZ ...... Teach the CHILDREN to Sing

      3 - SINGERS UNLIMITED ...... CHILDREN's Games

      DON'T FORGET...A $25 donation to THN gets you a FREE CD...$50 or more also gets you a copy of "What I Did For Love...Of Barbershop Harmony" By Betty Gretz Crawford. Check out our website for how to donate: www.harmonize.com/THN

      * * PLAYLIST FOR 9/24/2007 * *

      STARS ARE OURS ...... The Nylons (Weekly Opening Theme)

      MY 3 SONS ...... Orange Colored Sky .... Brand New Gang .... Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nelly

      BLUE JUPITER ...... Sir Duke .... Stand By Me .... Green Shaggy Carpet Ride

      * * For My Nephew RICH PHILIP on his 16th Birthday: * *

      * NINE ...... Drive

      * CADENCE ...... Drive My Car

      CAMBRIDGE CHORD COMPANY ...... Teddy Bears' Picnic .... My Funny Valentine .... Sweet 16 Medley .... Shangri-La .... Welsh Rhapsody .... My Ship

      COASTLINE SHOW CHORUS ...... (for CINDY SCHLICHT ) .... The Drinking Gourd .... The Joint Is Jumpin .... Danny Boy .... This Old House / The Saingt ....It's Rainin' Men

      MICHIGAN JAKE ...... (for DON SCHREIBER...Good Luck CHAIN REACTION in WILDWOOD!) .... Somebody Knows .... Something's Coming .... That's How Rhythm Was Born

      THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY ...... (for MARY ANNE SLACKE, from CHRIS): .... Alexander's Ragtime Band Is Back In Dixieland .... (for my own "Birthday Season":) .... Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair .... (for MARY LOU SAX:) .... It Is Well With My Soul .... (For all my pals in the BIG APPLE CHORUS:) .... New York, New York .... Dayton, Ohio, 1903

      NINE ...... Insomnia .... Good Things

      ALLEY CATS ...... Stray Cat Strut

      STANDING ROOM ONLY (the SAI version) .... Jazz Baby

      P's and Q's .... (BROOKE! Send me something NEW on a CD!) .... Now More Sorrow

      SOUNDWAVES ...... Moonglow

      ALAKAZAM ...... (GOOD LUCK IN CALGARY, REGION ONE CHAMPS!) .... Mistakes (Don't MAKE any!)

      FOURTH AVENUE ...... Gimme One Reason To Stay .... What I Like About You / Do You Love Me?

      LADIES FIRST ...... Love Is Here To Stay .... This Is Some Lucky Day .... Original Dixieland One Step .... Stars Fell On Alabama

      GLAD .... The Gershwin Medley .... I Got Rhythm .... Embraceable You

      * * * *

      The Harmony Network has several live shows which all air from 7 PM to 11 PM
      Eastern Time

      MONDAYS ~ "Monday Nights With Joaner" ~ hosted by Jeanie "Joaner"
      Garrett, formerly of Ramapo Valley Chorus, now with the Coastline Show Chorus!
      ... features Men's and Women's Barbershop, Mixed Quartets and Choruses , Vocal
      Jazz, High School and College a Cappella, Contemporary a Capella, Gospel, Doo
      Wop, and more! Triple Trivia Contest every week at 10 PM ... guess the artists
      and win a free CD!

      TUESDAYS ~ "The Best Of Both Worlds" ~ hosted by Ari Brafman, of The Rahway
      Valley Barberhop Harmony Societ y Chapter ... features many different genres of
      music, each cut followed by an a cappella version of the same song.

      THURSDAYS ~ "The Applause Show" ~ hosted by Rich Taylor ... Director of the
      Rahway Valley Barber shop Harmony Society Chapter ... and of noteriety in the
      Barberhop and a capella world with accomplishments too numerous to list here! This Original Flagship Show of
      the station features the best of barbershop, contemporary a cappella, vocal
      jazz, gospel, doo wop, and more.

      SUNDAYS ~ "Sunday Nights With Vinnie" ~ available when Vinnie is NOT on duty
      as one of New York's Finest! Vinnie is a Police Officer and former Doo Wop
      singer who sings with The Big Apple Chorus. He likes to play cuts from his own
      private collection, as well as using our shared station library of barbershop
      and other a cappella music.

      During our li v e shows, you can call u s toll free at the studio at
      &n bsp; 1-877-THN-SONG
      OR...for the numerically challenged...
      ; ; ; 1-US-RUIN-SONG
      Finally..for the alphabetically challenged:

      There is a barbershop chatroom used by the Harmonet folks, and also by people
      who wish to chat with us during our live broadcasts. Its is at
      and the name of the chatroom is "bbshop" You must have java chat downloaded.
      Click on CHAT, then simply enter your nickname (line one...change it from
      "guest"..and change thegroup name to "bbshop" ( on the third line) (no need to
      enter a password on line 2...just leave it blank)

      Groups who would like thier music played to our worldwide listening audience can
      do so by sending t hree copies to:

      The Harmony Network
      41 Watchung Plaza, #222, Mon tclair, NJ 07042 ...

      Check out our website at: www.harmonize.com/THN

      We need your donations to keep this t o tally voluntary and listener supported
      venture afloat, spreading the love of our music to a world wide audience! We
      provide information to the general pub lic o n h ow to contact the various
      singing organizations who send us CDs. So get your group to donate the proceeds
      of a performance to THE HARMONY NETWORK, or take up a collection at your

      We are now a 501 (c) (3) organization, and all donations made to us are now and
      since our inception are retroactively TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

      Pay Pal is now available to make it simple for you to donate. Check at the website, www.harmonize.com/T HN

      You can also mail us a check made out to:
      The Harmony Network
      41 Watchung Plaza, #222, Montclair, NJ 0704 2& amp;nb sp;

      The Harmony Network is a totally listener supported Radio Station
      that can also be heard worldwide over the internet at


      Option 2: If you have troubletuning in, try going thru this link:


      Option 3: Start up Windows Media Player. Click FILE then OPEN URL and paste in


      Click OK and after maybe 5 or 10 seconds it should start to play. If you prefer
      WinA mp t o Media Player it works t here too.

      We feature Barbershop, Vocal Jazz, C on temporary a cappella, Gospel, and MORE!

      Yours in Harmony,

      Je anie "J oaner" Garrett
      for THN

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