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Update on THN...The Harmony Network, Not good news but please read.

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    To all of our friends and fans, We promised to keep you up to date on what results we achieved with our recent attempt to raise enough money to take our
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2007
      To all of our friends and fans,

      We promised to keep you up to date on what results we achieved with our recent attempt to raise enough money to take our Harmony Network to the next level of broadcasting 24/7 365 days a year. 
      A successful funding drive would have accomplished the 24/7 goal, paid all of our current and past due bills, and we would have been able to purchase some needed equipment. In addition, we would pay a fee to our landlord, Regional Broadcasting Services for them to turn over the entire weekly programming schedule for a cappella music.

      The Network is 3 1/2 years old and The "APPLAUSE" Show is in it's 11th year of continuous broadcasting.  We all believed that the potential audience of barbershop Harmony Singers and Contemporary Acappella Singers and the groups whose music we featured on THN...The Harmony Network, would respond and we woud move forward.  The Plan was sound.  We wrote individual letters to ALL of the leaders of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Sweet Adelines International and Harmony Incorporated.  We sent letters to the leadership of CASA.  We sent more than 450 individual letters to groups whose music was featured on the Network. And, finally we wrote to you on whatever of the above groups you belong to to appeal to your interest in hearing the music we all love broadcast on live interractive radio shows. Those letters and postings reached more than 7500 individuals, groups, chapters, regions/districts, officers and leaders.  We thought finding 170 people or groups to support us with $50.00 or more would be the easiest part of the project.  Developing new shows, rebroadcasting the existing shows, finding corporate advertisers and preparing the 24/7 playlists seemed to be a much bigger problem.

      We made a decision early in this process that, fundamentally, none of us like "begging" for money.  Those of you who have responded since 2004 have allowed us to continue foir at least the three years we have been on the air.  But if the community whose music we feature can not or will not fund the Network, we decided that we could not continue trying to go week-to-week not knowing whether the broadcast would be On or Not on.  If we did not reach our goal, we decided to use whatever money we raised to broadcast the shows for as long as the money lasted and then gracefully close down.

      At this time, we project that we will be able to be on the air through the month of October.  We want to thank the many folks who have through the years supported our project.  At another time, we will be presenting the "THN...The Harmony Network's " "Gold MicrophoneAwards" to individuals and groups that have gone beyond the call of duty to help us out.  Look for those in a future post.

      Finally, we thank the following people for their support of our current goal.  We did not meet our goal but these kind people have made it possible to continue for a few more weeks.  Their gifts are all gratefully acknowledged by an appreciative THN Staff.


      The Abraham Fuchsburg Family Foundation  ($3000.00 grant courtesy of the hard work of Jonathan Minckoff, President of CASA)

      P.R.O.B.E. of BHS ($500.00 grant)


      The following 31 people sent donations of $50.00 or more and became a

      THN Building Block


      Ari Brafman, Host of Best of Both Worlds

      Vinnie Haynes, Host of Sunday Night Showcase

      Rich Taylor, Host of The “APPLAUSE” Show

      Christine White, SAI, Albuquerque, N.M. (THN’s most faithful donor

      The Chord Lords, YMIH Quartet from Rahway Valley NJ Chapter

      The Greater Nassau SAI Chorus

      High Society Quartet

      Robert & Janice Morrissey

      Robert Rhome, Alexandria, Va.

      Alan Wile, Alexandria Harmonizers & Past MAD President

      June Noble, SAI and BHS Musical Director

       Ron Weaver, BHS

      Bob Demmler, MAD Official Photographer, Maryland

      David Balentine, Dixie District of BHS

      Lloyd Ellen Thomas, SAI

      The Fraser Family, (Son belongs to Rahway Valley NJ Chapter)

      Clint Crane, Rahway Valley NJ Chapter

      Doug Brown, Rahway Valley Chapter, President of Paradigm Assoc. of NJ

      Tom Meier, BHS

      The McAlexander Family, BHS and SAI members

      John & Joan Pence, Alexandria Harmonizers (John issued a challenge
        to other Harmonizers and matched $350.00 worth of Harmonizer gifts)
      Tom Weiner, Arlington, Virginia BHS

      Mark Fortino, BHS

      Tom Carroll, BHS

      Lawrence Clapp, Tampa Florida, BHS

      Sharon Metzger, “Faith In Action”, Boston Ma.

      Bob Caldwell, Alexandria Hasrmonizers, BHS

      Adopt an Orchid Foundation

      Cindy Schlicht, SAI Minnesota Twin Cities Show Chorus)

      Linda & Rusty Williams, Hunterdon County NJ Chapter

      Shannon Elswick, BHS and Past President Sunshine District

      We will keep you advised on the dates when the Network will be winding down.  If you have any input on how the Network could find a major supporter ($15-20,000 per year) please let us know.  We are still amazed that we an can produce a 24/7 radio network with live shows from all over the world for just under $20,000 a year.  Your very grateful THN Staff has believed from the beginning that the "people' of our music genre would be the source of that funding.

      Thank you all for the many kind comments you have had during the 11 years that The "APPLAUSE" Show has been on the air.  I have often said that in 1997, when we started, if someone had told me that my weekly "affair" with my radio audience would have lasted into my 11th year, I would have bet a year's salary against it. But go figure, many of you out there made those 10 1/2 years possible and for that I thank you.

      This week's shows feature Monday Night with Joaner, The Best of Both Worlds, The APPLAUSE Show and the Sunday Night Showcase.  Tune in at www.villageradio.com  ...we are sure you will enjoy the shows.

      In Harmony,

      Rich Taylor, President of THN...The Harmony Network

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