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Deadline looms for THN...The Harmony Network (Important News...Please Read)

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    Hi to all those who are harmony singers or who love vocal harmony. Rich Taylor here, the proud President of THN...The Harmony Network, a 3 1/2 year dream to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2007
      Hi to all those who are harmony singers or who love vocal harmony.

      Rich Taylor here, the proud President of THN...The Harmony Network, a 3 1/2
      year dream to bring barbershop and contemporary to the public airwaves for
      your listening enjoyment. THN...The Harmony Network broadcasts from the studios
      of WVRM AM/FM, Regional Broadcasting Services in Upper Montclair, NJ. WVRM is
      the only commercially licensed station in the country to turn over all of
      it's "Live" broadcasting time to the presentation of barbershop and a cappella
      music. Live shows currently air on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
      Nights from 7-11 PM Eastern Time..

      THN...The Harmony Network has had it's struggles since it's inception in
      March of 2003. We received our 501 CC 3 Charitable Status in the fall of 2006
      and the status was "grand fathered" back to March of 2003 allowing everyone
      who had donated to the Network a tax deduction for their gifts.

      THN...The Harmony Network has produced 6 shows successfully since it's
      inception, with all of the "Show Hosts" volunteering their time and talents for
      their audiences. I sometimes wish we had a "bull pen" of substitute hosts so
      that shows would air EVERY week, instead of having to miss weeks when hosts
      are out of town or ill. Our long term goal has always been to have live shows
      each night of the week and during the day from remote locations around the

      As we have announced here earlier in the summer, THN...The Harmony Network
      was presented with the opportunity to convert the format of WVRM from "Classic
      Rock" to "ALL VOCAL HARMONY...ALL THE TIME". We began a fundraising drive
      to raise $8,500.00 in order to accomplish 4 goals:

      1. Pay an agreed upon fee to Regional Broadcasting Services to allow us
      to broadcast 24/7
      till the end of 2007.
      2. Pay our past due bills and pre-pay our basic expenses ahead for 4
      months ($400-600/mo)
      3. Purchase some sorely needed equipment (CD players, Microphones and
      Telephone Interface)
      4. Improve the signal locally and the streaming to the Internet.

      We told you about the fund drive. We wrote to more than 450 vocal harmony
      groups whose music had been featured over the three years on THN...The Harmony
      Network. And we wrote more than 150 letters to Barbershop harmony Society
      and Sweet Adeline leaders requesting their support. We were looking for 175,
      only 175 individuals/groups/leaders to make a donation of a minimum of $50.00
      to reach the above goal of $8500.00. To date we have had only 25 responses
      raising just over $1600.00. Were it not for the wonderful grant gift from
      the Abraham Fuchsberg Family Foundation of $3000.00, we would not have been
      able to operate for the last three months.


      If we are unable to make this move at this time, we will continue to
      broadcast for as long as we can, maybe 3-4 months and then have to gracefully shut
      down the network. We can not continue to beg without your full support. We
      are terribly troubled that only 25 people/groups have responded to our
      appeal...only 25 out of more than 5000 people/groups/individuals, not even 1/2 of 1
      Per Cent of the total people who call themselves vocal harmony aficionados.

      Won't you please help us on this journey? Won't you please send your
      tax-deductible gift of $50.00 or more so that we can make this move and take the
      next step in becoming a full time station. Your donation could make the
      difference in the life of this venture.

      I am appealing to every person who has been touched by my activities in
      barbershopping or in the a cappella world. If you have enjoyed even one of the
      "APPLAUSE" Shows over the last 10 1/2 years, please consider a gift. If my
      performance on the 5 years of the Barbershop Harmony Society's International
      Convention Web Cast ever brought you "closer" to the activities at the
      convention, please consider a tax-deductible gift. If my knowledge as an instructor
      at a Harmony College, Harmony College East (MAD), or at a COTS weekend has
      benefited you or your chapter, quartet or chorus, please consider becoming a
      "building block". If my efforts in the Youth In Harmony program have brought you
      a new appreciation of the young people sharing our style of music, then
      please consider a gift to THN. And finally, if you have ever sung for me in a
      chorus and you know my commitment to our hobby, PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT TODAY!
      Your replies will determine if we continue on the air!

      You can make your donation through PAYPAL by going to _www.paypal.com_
      (http://www.paypal.com) and use the address of _the2004thn@..._
      (mailto:the2004thn@...) as the address where you are sending your donation. You can
      send a check or money order made payable to "THN...The Harmony Network, to us
      at 41 Watchung Plaza #222, Montclair, New Jersey, 07042.

      I want to personally thank those people who founded THN, the many people who
      have donated to the network over the three years since it's inception, and
      those very special people who host the shows you enjoy each week. THN...The
      Harmony Network, represents a passion for barbershop and A Cappella music, and a
      commitment to the idea that each one of you....yes each one of you who are
      reading this email...should have an opportunity to listen to great vocal
      music whenever you want to.

      Thanks to every one of you who have read this to the end.

      In Harmony,
      Rich Taylor

      Rich Taylor, President THN...The Harmony Network
      "All Vocal harmony...All The Time"
      Present shows
      Monday 7-11 PM -Monday Night With Joaner
      Tuesday- 7-11 PM - The Best of Both Worlds
      Thursday - 7-11 PM - The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Sunday - 7-11 PM - Sunday Night Showcase

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