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  • Harvey Shield
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2006
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      >> The Sacramento Bee---Jim Carnes
      >> This is my favorite new Christmas album�right up there with Phil
      >> Spector�s legendary �A Christmas Gift for you���..�Doo Wop Around
      >> The Christmas Tree� is like a Perry Como Christmas TV-special
      >> and a Bette Midler holiday concert in one��a version of �Christmas
      >> (Baby Please Come Home) that rivals Darlene Love�s definitive
      >> version��the most unexpected treat of the holiday season. �Doo
      >> Wop Around the Christmas Tree� is simply the best.
      >> Knoxville News --- by Wayne Bledsoe
      >> The Mighty Echoes may be the best doo-wop revivalists since The
      >> Persuasions. Great set- one of my favorites of the year. Grade: A
      >> Christmasreviews.com --Carol Swanson
      >> The Mighty Echoes are true masters of their craft�... intensely
      >> fun, a joyous valentine to the 1950s with the production values
      >> and smooth professionalism of 2006. �..the four voices move like a
      >> mini-orchestra, bobbing and weaving through 11 holiday
      >> chestnuts�..every minute is a treat. .. invite The Mighty Echoes
      >> into your living room this holiday season. Remarkable!
      >> Sound Stage! by Joseph Taylor
      >> �..you�ll be hard-pressed to find a disc with more Yuletide spirit.
      >> Cd Baby
      >> Harmonies as tight as Kris Kringle�s belt��exceptionally fresh and
      >> innovative approach to holiday music�.one of the best I�ve ever
      >> heard.
      >> "The Voice," Society of Singers'
      >> If you love doo wop, get this one. It is better than all the rest
      >> and gives new voicing to some of the most memorable holiday songs.
      >> New York Daily News---- by David Hinkley
      >> From their Drifter�s- style version of �White Christmas�, you know
      >> these guys love vocal-group classics�They tackle Darlene Love�s
      >> �Christmas� , updating the sound just enough to make it
      >> fresh...John Lennon's "Happy Xmas" is a perfect finale.
      >> The Mighty Echoes
      >> Doo Wop Around The Christmas Tree
      >> Mistletoe & A Cappella!
      >> www.memphisinternational.com
      > www.mightyechoes.com

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