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Playlist for Friday May 12th on The Harmony Network

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  • joanersings@comcast.net
    We at The Harmony Network as SO lucky to have Rich Pearson, our substitute show host, who is always willing to fill in for those last minute emergencies if he
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2006
      We at The Harmony Network as SO lucky to have Rich Pearson, our substitute show host, who is always willing to fill in for those last minute emergencies if he is available! Thank you so much, Rich!

      Rich did an excellent show on Friday May 12th from 7 to 11 PM EDT, filling in for Ari Brafman's "Best of Both Worlds", which usually airs from 9 PM to 1 AM.

      Playlist for 5/12/2006:

      Kickshaw - Vocalize
      Da Vinci's Notebook - Another Irish Drinking Song
      Da Vinci's Notebook - Heather Graham
      The Suntones - A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
      The Suntones - No No Nora
      Granite Statesmen Chorus - Nice Work If You Can Get It
      Granite Statesmen Chorus - There Used to Be a Ballpark
      Heart of Texas Chorus - Operator
      Heart of Texas Chorus - God Bless the USA
      Chapter 6 - Wizard of Oz
      Chapter 6 - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
      Sons of Pitches - I Want You Back
      Sons of Pitches - Playpen

      ***Best of Both Worlds Set #1***
      Moxy Fruvous - King of Spain
      Toronto Northern Lights Chours - King of Spain
      Steely Dan - Peg
      York U. Wibijazz'n - Peg

      House Jacks - Stop & Think
      House Jacks - Good Things
      Vocal Majority - When I Fall in Love
      Vocal Majority - Moonlight Serenade

      ***Best of Both Worlds Set #2***
      Des'ree - Crazy Maze
      House Jacks - Crazy Maze
      Dave Matthews Band - Satellite
      Middlebury Dissipated 8 - Satellite

      Sons of Pitches - Hello City
      Sons of Pitches - The Lazy Boy
      The Harborlites Chorus - You Gotta Have Heart
      The Harborlites Chorus - When Day Is Done
      Alley Cats - Run Around Sue
      Alley Cats - Under the Boardwalk
      The Idea of North - Fragile
      The Idea of North - That Lonesome Road
      FRED - We Kinda Miss Those Good 'Ol Songs
      BSQ - Birth of the Blues
      Platinum - Smilin' Through
      Four Voices - After You've Gone
      The Persuasions - Dock of the Bay
      The Persuasions - Steal Away
      The Bobs - There Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens
      The Bobs - Freefallin'
      Five O'Clock Shadow - If You Could Only See
      Five O'Clock Shadow - Stop and Say Hello
      U. of Rochester Yellowjackets - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
      U. of Rochester Yellowjackets - The Dandelion Yellow
      Wheaton Gentelmen Callers - Angel
      Stanford Mixed Company - No More I Love You's
      U. of Pennsylvania Off the Beat - Don't Stand So Close to Me
      Stanford U. Fleet Street Singers - How Deep Is Your Love?
      Rockapella - Flamingo Sing
      Rockapella - Summertime Blues
      Blue Jupiter - Time After Time
      Blue Jupiter - Drive
      Bluegrass Student Union - Music Man Medley
      Bluegrass Student Union - Gary, Indiana
      OC Times - Come Fly With Me
      OC Times - Good Luck Charm
      City Lights - Sophisticated Lady
      City Lights - New York State of Mind
      Kings' Singers - Kiss From a Rose
      Kings' Singers - Live and Let Die
      Ball in the House - One Man
      Ball in the House - So Long, So Far

      To listen to our live broadcasts Monday thru Friday, go to www.villageradio.com and follow the instructions.

      We have a new chatroom...do some of you not know how to get in?
      You can access it from mirc or from starchat...like the OLD Harmonet chatroom!

      Go to http://www.starchat.net/chat and simply enter your nickname and the group name "bbshop" in the places provided.

      You can alsodownload starchat from www.starchat.net and keep the icon on your desktop, too, so all you have to do is double click on it to be connected with your friends at The Harmony Network! If you do not automatically connect, click on the lightning bolt icon in the upper left hand corner of the chat window.

      To join group bbshop, type in /j bbshop and hit enter.

      To create or change your nickname, type in /nick yourname and hit enter

      Remember, we STILL need your donations to keep this venture going! Pay Pal is now available at the website, www.harmonize.com/THN You can also mail us a check made out to The Harmony Network...41 Watchung Plaza, #222, Montclair, NJ 07042

      You can also send 3 copies of your a cappella group's cds to that same address to get air time on The Harmony Network!

      Jeanie "Joaner" Garrett for
      Ari Brafman and Rich Pearson
      The Harmony Network

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