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A personal appeal from Rich Taylor, President of THN...The Harmony Network

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    (long, but thanks for reading in advance) Hi guys, Well, for only the second time in the 9 years of broadcasting the APPLAUSE Show, I am off the air tonight as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2006
      (long, but thanks for reading in advance)
      Hi guys,

      Well, for only the second time in the 9 years of broadcasting the APPLAUSE
      Show, I am off the air tonight as we continue to face the financial burdens of
      this All Listener Supported Radio Network called THN...The Harmony Network.
      As has been reported earlier, the DSL carrier (Verizon) shut down the
      network because we have not been able to keep their account current. We have had
      some response to our earlier requests, but we still have not been able to
      satisfy the amount due plus the security required to get the service reconnected.

      For those of you just reading about this, THN...The Harmony Network is a
      radio network devoted to All Vocal Harmony, with live shows every night of the
      week (Mon-Fri). This all-volunteer network began it's third year of operation
      at the beginning of March. It is the ONLY COMMERCIALLY LICENSED radio
      station in the WORLD that has turned over it's entire live format to Barbershop
      and A Cappella music. Each night, live radio hosts bring you music and offer a
      chat room, toll free access to their show, and live appearances by noted
      a cappella groups. The APPLAUSE Show begins it's 10th year of continuous
      broadcasting on April 11th and we are proud to be one of the longest running
      acappella and barbershop radio shows in the world.

      I am using this post to appeal to all of you who have known me, either as a
      radio host, or maybe as the host of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Web Cast
      for 5 years, or maybe as a member of a group that I have helped throughout
      my 38 years of involvement in the Barbershop Harmony Society, or finally as a
      friend. THN...The Harmony Network, has been a dream of mine for years. When
      we were able to find a radio station owner who was willing to "Give" us
      their station in 2004 to develop the Network, I thought that the barbershop and a
      cappella communities would certainly back the operation and that we would
      have no problem operating as a listener supported network.For the last two
      years, we have been able to operate the network without paying the fair price to
      the landlord....all we are responsible for is the $4-500.00 monthly
      communication and licensing costs. Our costs of operating the entire network, with
      a 24/7 feed (that we don't have as yet) and live shows throughout the day and
      night, with a full local presence (signal) in Northern NJ, would be under
      $30,000 per year, a full 1/3rd of the cost of operation at the station in
      Hunterdon County where The "APPLAUSE" Show started in 1997. That station's budget
      in 2001 was $85,000 per year and also ran with an all-volunteer staff.

      But, we have been disappointed (but not dissuaded) bt the response of the
      barbershop and a cappella communities. And, NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP! I am
      personally asking each one of you that have benefited from any association you have
      had with me, to help THN today. For thirty eight years, I have said YES to
      every barbershopper who has asked for my help, to every chapter that has
      asked for my assistance, and to every group who has asked for my help, and now I
      need YOUR HELP. If you think that having a radio network available to you
      24/7 that gives you live shows every day and night is worth it....really "worth
      it", Please send your donation today. If your chapter can help, pass the
      hat and send us the proceeds. If your Quartet or A cappella group can see
      clear to do it, donate the proceeds of one performance to THN. And if my
      friendship, support, encouragement, or advice has helped you at any time in the
      past 38 years, please send a donation today.

      In 2004, in Louisville, many of you felt strongly about the ability to have
      the convention available to you on your computer. We received more than 1300
      emails of support and positive comments about our performance as hosts, and
      about the quality of broadcasts. In response to our appeals for donations,
      more than $50,000 was raised by contributions of only 1400-1450 people.

      THN...The Harmony Network can be the same kind of entertainment and
      enjoyment to anyone with a computer, and the support we are only looking for equates
      to less than 50 Cents from each person who is a member of Sweet Adelines,
      CASA, The Barbershop Harmony Society and/or Harmony Incorporated (68,000 folks)
      to provide this service to you all.

      Thanks for all of you who have given in the past...we have had 2 years of
      operations because of you. For those of you who have yet to experience the
      Network, send us your donation and as soon as we solve this problem, we will
      again commit to bringing you the best of barbershop and a cappella music with
      live, inter-active shows all week long.

      Thank you for your kindness in reading this post, and for your response by
      way of donations.

      For all of the hard working people who devote themselves to THN...The
      Harmony Network, I remain

      Humbly and In Harmony
      Rich Taylor, President
      Host of The "APPLAUSE" Show, beginning it's 10 th year on 4/11/06

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