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The "APPLAUSE" Show with Rich Taylor & T.J. Barranger, Playlist and News

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    Hi there fans of barbershop and acappella music; We celebrate TWO Birthdays this week. April 11th was the date the Barbershop Harmony was founded on the
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      Hi there fans of barbershop and acappella music;

      We celebrate TWO Birthdays this week.  April 11th was the date the Barbershop Harmony was founded on the rooftop of the Alvin Hotel in Tulsa Oklahoma.  26 men gathered and started the evening's songfest with a rendition of "Down Mobile".  This week we celebrate the 65th birthday of that historic meeting.

      This is also the week that marks the 6th year I have been bringing you the best in acappella and barbershop music on the radio as the host of The "APPLAUSE" Show.  Most of you know I started the "APPLAUSE" Show in April of 1997 at a public radio station in Hunterdon County, N.J., and moved the show to WVRM in January of 2001.  I am proud to be the originator of the show and the continuing host of what has become one of the most popular radio shows throughout the acappella world.  I want to thank all of the artists that have made this radio broadcast possible.  And I want to thank all of our loyal listeners who have stayed with the show  during all of our growth and changes.  We are currently the longest single radio time-slot with a dshow featuring barbershop harmony and accappella music.  WVRM and it's owner, Regional Broadcasting Services are committed to the long term promotion of our kind of music.  So Happy Birthday to the show and your 6 years of support.

      My goal as a broadcast promoter is to create a network which will bring you LIVE radio shows from around the world ...every day of the week.  You know, there are almost 80,000 people in the world that call themselves "acappella and barbershop" singers.  The barbershop and acappella communities have organized groups in cities and towns throughout the world, on all time zones, and we believe there is an interest in hearing live shows throughout the week from all around the world.  WVRM is poised to bring this kind of broadcast variety to you.  Imagine, being able to turn on your computer and hear live radio shows and events from around the world.  Imagine emailing, or calling your favorite "personality" in another part of the country or around the world and interracting with that host about their show.  And finally, how great would it be to be able to hear great barbershop and acappella events, like the Harmony Sweepstakes Finals, or maybe the Bolton Landing or the Buckeye Barbershop Festivals, or maybe the annual show of your favorite chorus, or even a performance of your favorite acappella artists during a tour in a part of the country our of your traveling reach........a full Acappella Network there to present great music to you, the audience that appreciates this type of music.

      And how surprised would you be if I told you that we could create that kind of network for less than $1.00 per year from all of those 80,000 people who are registered as members of their respective harmony organizations.  But that is the reality... we are working right now to build the financial base to get the Network up and running.  If your group, chapter, or you as an individual would like information on how to help in this effort, please go to our website at:
      www.harmonize.com/applauseshow to find out the ways you can support this effort.

      We debited a feature on the show this week called "The Great Quartets" which highlights the life and music of great quartets and acappella groups.  Grady Kerr and Strawhat Productions in Dalls have made this feature possible.

      Well, now, we have a week of catch up on the weekly playlists:  This is the wonderful music from great artists presented on Thursday, April 3rd:

      The Vocal Majority                   I'm The Music Man
      North Metro Chorus                  Flying High Medley
      Skritch                                     God Send
      (Atribute to the men and women of our armed forces in Iraq)
      The Vocal Majority                   Pledge of Allegiance/God Bless the USA
      The Vocal Majority                   American Armed Forces Medley
      The Vocal Majority                   God Bless America
      Finale                                       Rock A Bye Your Baby w/a Dixie Melody
      The Nylons                               The Stars Are Ours
      Southern Gateway Chorus        Down Yonder
      Granite Statesmen                    I Wouldn't Trade the Silver In My Mother's Hair
      Eclipse                                     Affirmation

      THE GREAT QUARTETS SHOW - Produced by Grady Kerr
      THE BUFFALO BILLS - 1950 Champions SPEBSQSA
      Lida Rose
      On the Track of the Lonesome Pine
      Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
      If You Were The Only Girl In The World
      Roses Of Picardy
      Hard Hearted Hanna
      Alexander's Ragtime Band
      Music Man Overture/ 76 Trombones
      Honey's Ever Lovin Arms
      Toot Toot Tootsie
      Josephine Please Don't Lean On The Bell
      Now The Day Is Over
      What Kind Of Fool Am I
      Climb Every Mountain
      Lida Rose

      This is the first of what we hope will be many shows featuring the great barbershop and acappella groups produced by Grady Kerr in Dallas, Tx. We look forward to more great music from Strawhat Productions.
      Back to the Playlist for the 3rd:
      High 5 Live                         A Nightengale Sang In Berkeley Square
      Regency                             The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
      Nightlife                              Rhythym Medley
      Song Of Atlanta Chorus      Heartaches
      Easy Lis'nin                        After You've Gone

      THE ICCA FINALS Scheduled for April 26th..6 great groups
      Univ. Ga. On The Rocks            Crash Into Me
      Binghampton Crosbys              Mama
      N. C. State Grains of Time         Short People
      Univ of Maine Steiners              Depth
      Amherst College Zumbys         Shall We Dance
      Cadence                                   Spinning Wheel

      Masters of Harmony                  Deep River
      Singers Unlimited                     The Gentle Rain
      Idea of North                             The Lonesome Road
      Alexandria Harmonizers           Steppin Out
      New Tradition Chorus               Memory
      Suntones                                  Bye Bye Blues
      Gas House Gang                       No More Sorrow
      Alamo Metro Chorus                All By Myself
      Boyz Nite Out                           Alive
      St Louis Harmony  Chorus        A Whole New World
      Bluegrass Student Union          I Can Dream Can't I
      Riptide                                      Blue Skies
      Showtime                                 Gonna Build A Mountain
      Philharmonix                            Slap That Bass
      Southern Gateway                    Waitin For The Robert E. Lee
      Ramapo Spotlight Chorus         My Funny Valentine
      Gem City Chorus                      Purlie
      The Fonic                                 One Love
      Mystery Date                             Every Time We Say Goodbye
      Midwest Vocal Express             Calypso Medley
      Louisville Time                         My Meloncholy Baby
      Tone Appetit                             In My Life
      Ambiance                                 Why Do Fools Fall In Love
      Blue Champagne                      This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
      Michigan Jake                          I'm Beginning To See The Light
      BSQ                                          My Romance
      Fanatix                                     I've Got The World On A String
      BASIX                                       Smoothe Operator
      City Lights                                Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
      Joker's Wild                             Holly
      The Ritz                                    Gee But I Hate To Go Home Alone
      Toronto Northern Lights           When You And I Were Young Maggie
      Rich Tones Chorus                   The Music & The Mirror
      Acappella Gold                         I Don't Know Enough About You
      Kindred Spirits                         It's A Pity To Say Goodnight
      Phoenicians                              Phoenician's Opener Medley
      Acoustix                                   The Nearness Of You
      Rockapella                               Smile In My Heart
      Revival                                     Sailin Down The Chesapeake
      Melodeers                                 Hooked On A Feeling
      Marquis                                    In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
      Acoustix                                   River Of No Return
      Western Wind Ensemble           I Got Rhythm
      The Ambassadors of Harmony  Applause
      Naturally Seven                        Bless This House

      There you have it, another great week of wonderful music.  If you have not yet become a supporter of the show, please check out our website and consider your financial gift.  Thanks for your support.

      Rich Taylor, Host of The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Show Website:  The "APPLAUSE" Show Website
      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      AM 1620, Village Radio, Upper Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...

      Special Fundraising Opportunity for all Listeners:
      Rare Lithograph Prints "John Lennon by Cynthia Lennon"

      Continuous Broadcasting since 1997
      Host of the SPEBSQSA Int'l Webcast Team 2000, 2001, 2002
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E.  "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting  the Nashville Webcast

      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
              for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show

      Winner 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Winner 2000 MAD District "Award of Excellence" for The "APPLAUSE" Show

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