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The "APPLAUSE" Show with Rich Taylor and T.J.Barranger Playlist/News

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    Hi there all lovers of barbershop harmony and a cappella music Happy Holidays from the team at The APPLAUSE Show, broadcasting from the studios of WVRM
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2002
      Hi there all lovers of barbershop harmony and a cappella music <G>

      Happy Holidays from the team at The "APPLAUSE" Show, broadcasting from the studios of WVRM Radio 1620 AM and 91.9 FM in Upper Montclair NJ.

      Thanks to Frank Neimann of the RedBank Area Chapter for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show at their annual Christmas Show on the 8th.  Yours truly served as their MC and they had a full Lobby Display for the Show.  Also thanks to the Hunterdon Harmonizers for their hosting of the Lobby Display for the show.  More about how your chapter can get The "APPLAUSE" Show at your annual show later.

      NOTICE: Before we bring you the Playlist for our first holiday week on the 5th, I just want to clarify once again that there are two shows that call themselves The "APPLAUSE" Show.  Ours and another show that operates from the station where I used to host the show of the same name.  That show is done by a man named Dave Stadtmauer who used to be the engineer for the show when I hosted it on the station in Hunterdon County, NJ.  I left that station in October of 2001 when we could not reach an agreement with the station management on the format of the show.  T J Barranger and I brought the show to WVRM Radio, operated by Regional Broadcasting Services in Upper Montclair, NJ.  Our website is:
      www.harmonize.com/applauseshow .
      I am the original host of The "APPLAUSE" Show, the name of the show I originally used in college and "resurrected" at the station in Hunterdon County in April of 1997.  I have the name registered to me in the State of New Jersey, and in Hunterdon County where the other show  operates.  The reason I feel that I have to clarify this issue is that several of the wonderful barbershop groups that want to support our show have recently sent music to the other show when they meant to send it to us for broadcast.  I apologize for the confusion and hope this helps in a small way.

      Well now on to the latest news.  In the spring of 2003, Montclair Life Magazine, owned and published by Regional Broadcasting Services, in conjunction with The "APPLAUSE" Show will be producing an "ALL-ACAPPELLA" Showcase at Montclair High School.  The Show will feature four great groups from the Barbershop and Contemporary A Cappella Community and will be a fund-raiser for The APPLAUSE Show and WVRM (remember our lightning bolt strike).  More to come as the details are finalized.  We hope you will be there.

      Our fundraising efforts have slowed down and we are concerned.  Have you asked your Board of Directors to sponsor a week of broadcasting for the show?  Your gift of $175.00 buys one week of programming and we have a special format  for that night whereby YOUR MEMBERS actually choose all of the music planned for that night.  At the present time, we are scheduling nights  sponsored by The Heart of Texas Chorus, The Redbank Area Chapter, a night dedicated to the life of Joe DeRosa, a night dedicated to the music and life of Walter Latzko...and we expect many more weeks like these.

      Finally this week, as many of you know, The "APPLAUSE" Show has a full "Lobby Display" which can be brought to your Annual Show for display in the lobby during your Annual Show.  If you are within 300 miles of Upper Montclair, and if our schedule permits,  either T J or I can be there in the lobby to talk to your audience about a cappella music on the internet.   And if you want to have a "broadcaster" as your MC, we can arrange that.  Just email me at RMTMUSIC@....

      Now on to the Music of December 5th...a concentration of Holiday Music from some great artists for a great sudience.  We alos featured the ENTIRE CD from Hampton Avenue called "All I Want For Christmas"  .  We hope you enjoyed this evening and that you will tune in to tonight's braodcast .  We will be featuring the music of  The Gas House Gang tonight and The Vocal Majority on the 19th from the Holiday CD's that they have produced .   On to the music playlist of the 5th:

      The Vocal Majority                         I'm The Music Man
      The Coats                                       Holiday Countdown
      The Coats                                       Winter Wonderland
      The Coats                                       Warmth of Christmas
      Gas House Gang                             Caroling, Caroling
      Gas House Gang                             Merry Christmas Darling
      Gas House Gang                             Some Children See Him
      Gas House Gang (request)               Mary Did You Know
      Rockapella                                     Little Mary Snowflake
      Rockapella                                     Love and The Lights
      Rockapella                                     Home for the Holidays
      M-Pact                                            Snowfall                
      M-Pact                                            Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
      M-Pact                                            Caroling, Caroling
      Big Chicken Chorus                        Christmas Eve In My Hometown
      Big Chicken Chorus                        Toyland
      Big Chicken Chorus                        The Chipmunk Song
      Big Chicken Chors                          I Heard theBells On Christmas Day
      Big Chicken Chorus                        Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
      The Accidentals                              The Christmas Song
      The Accidentals                              Jingle Bells
      The Accidentals                              In Dulci Jubilo
      New Tradition Chorus                     Let It Snow
      New Tradition Chorus                     Sing A Song Of Chanuka
      New Tradition Chorus                     Silver Bells
      New Tradition Chorus (request)       What Child Is This
      Tonic Solfa                                     The Little Drummer Boy
      Tonic Solfa                                     Silent Night
      SONGS:           All I Want For Christmas
                               I'll MissYOu This Christmas
                               Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
                               In A Manger
                               Charlie Brown Christmas
                               Glory Halleluiah
                               Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
                               Talk With Santa
                               Angel's Lullaby
                               Jingle Bell Rock
                               Candles In The Windows
                               Carribbean Christmas
                               Night Of His Birth
                               Caroling Caroling
      City Slickers                             Winter Wonderland
      Vocal Majority                          Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
      Vocal Majority                          Jingle Bells/Sheighbells Medley
      Vocal Majority                          The Secret of Christmas
      Swingle Singers                       White Christmas
      Swingle Singers                       Christmas Medley
      Swingle  Singers                      Fool On The Hill
      Pride of Baltimore (Debut)         Why Haven't I Heard From You
      Pride of Baltimore                     Lullaby in Ragtime
      Pride of Baltimore                     The Masquerade Is Over
      Pride of Baltimore                     Opus One 
      Pride of Baltimore (Request)      Standing on Holy Ground
      For Heaven's Sake (Debut)        Lost In The Stars
      For Heaven's Sake                    Crazy Bout You Baby
      For Heaven's Sake                    Something's Coming
      High Five (Local Appearance)   Scotch & Soda
      High Five                                  Walkin Down The Street
      High Five                                  One For My Baby
      Panache                                    Winter Medley
      Panache                                    Baby It's Cold Outside
      Panache                                    Secret Of Christmas
      Ambassadors of Harmony         Toyland
      Ambassadors of Harmony         Applause
      Naturally Seven                        Bless This House

      There you have it the first of our Holiday Shows... Please listen in and enjoy two more nights of great Holiday Music before Christmas, and then an evening of Sacred Music on the day after Christmas..... For The "APPLAUSE" Team, we thank you for your support

      Rich Taylor,
      Host of The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Show Website:  www.harmonize.com/applauseshow
      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      AM 1620, Village Radio, Upper Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...

      Special Fundraising Opportunity for all Listeners:
      Rare Lithograph Prints "John Lennon by Cynthia Lennon"

      Continuous Broadcasting since 1997
      Host of the SPEBSQSA Int'l Webcast Team 2000, 2001, 2002
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E.  "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting  the Nashville Webcast
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
              for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show

      Winner 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Winner 2000 MAD District "Award of Excellence" for The "APPLAUSE" Show

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