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The "APPLAUSE" Show...Thanksgiving with Rich Taylor...News/Playlist 11/21

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    Hi there all of you wonderful lovers of A Cappella Music, We want to remind you that The APPLAUSE Show will be on the air Thanksgiving Night from 6:30 -
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2002
      Hi there all of you wonderful lovers of A Cappella Music,

      We want to remind you that The "APPLAUSE" Show will be on the air Thanksgiving Night from 6:30 - 11:00 PM and will be an evening with Rich Taylor and all of our listeners.  The "APPLAUSE" team wants to wish you all the happiest day with your family..... a chance to reflect and ponder the many blessings we have.  After that big dinner and the visits throughout the day, tune into
      www.villageradio.com and share in an evening of very special music.  Songs about family, about the times we are living in, times past, songs about hope and faith... songs of the season... all for your listening pleasure from the studios of WVRM 1620AM and 91.9 FM and on the internet at:
      www.villageradio.com   (click on the "MP3" stream and even with a dial up you can hear the CD quality from our studios in Upper Montclair, NJ.

      Well, another reminder that we need you financial support,  Check out our brand new web site at: www.harmonize.com/applauseshow  to find out all of the ways you can support our efforts at The "APPLAUSE" Show.

      Last week we had the pleasure of bringing you 69 performaces by the very best of a cappella and barbershop singers from the library at The "APPLAUSE" Show..  We previewed Panache's 2 CD Set (SAI), Grandmas Boys 2 CD Set SPEBS), Eclipse(Vocal Jazz), Alamo Metro Chorus (SAI), Cool & Jazzy (Vocal Jazz) and The Light Industrial Choral Society (BABS current champs).  We thank those folks for sending us their music,

      Well here goes...the playlist from 11/21  69 great songs by some terrific artists>

      The Vocal Majority                   I'm The Music Man
      Alamo Metro Chorus                Rhythm of the Night
      Alamo Metro Chorus                Jazz Band
      Alamo Metro Chorus                George Strait Medley
      Light Industrial Choral Society  Happy Go Lucky Lane
      Light Industrial ChoralSociety   Only Have Eyes For You
      Light Industrial Choral Society  Richest Man In The World
      Saturday Evening Post              Drinking Gourd (request)
      Cool & Jazzy                            Bei Mir Bistu Schein
      Cool & Jazzy                            Cheek To Cheek
      Cool & Jazzy                            Moscow
      Eclipse                                     Live It On Up
      Eclipse                                     Heaven's Eyes
      Eclipse                                     Kick Back Relax
      Choralaires Chorus                   You Are My Sunshine (dedication to Kristalyn)
      Panache Disc 1                                    Who's Sorry Now
      Panache                                    When October Goes
      Panache                                    Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbin
      Panache Disc 2                         More Than You Know
      Panache                                    Scarlet Ribbons
      Panache                                    The Curtain Falls
      Grandma's Boys Disc 1             Moonlight Brings Memories
      Grandma's Boys                        Tonight
      Grandma's Boys                        Jeepers Creepers
      New Tradition Chorus               I Have Seen The Light
      Expanded Sound                      Sixteen Strokes
      Gas House Gang                       Bowery Medley
      Easy Listenin                            I've Got A Crush On You
      Acoustix                                   Simon & Garfunkle Medley
      Marquis & Mixed Nuts               Smile
      Song of  Atlanta Chorus           Heartaches
      Melodeers  Chorus                    It's Your Song
      Ramapo Valey Spotlight           My Funny Valentine
      Sound of the Rockies               Broadway Rose
      Kindred Spirits                         As We Sail To Heaven's Shore
      Richtones Chorus                     The Rose
      Big Applae Chorus                   By the Beautiful Sea/ On the Boardwalk
                                                             In Atlantic City
      Alexandria Harmonizers           When You Wish Upon A Star
      Masters of Harmony                  Miss You
      Philharmonix                            A Whole New World
      Vocal Majority                          Hey Mr. Leader Man/Strike Up The Band
      Gem City Chorus                      My Man
      Midwest Vocal Express             Dream A Little Dream Of Me
      Dukes of Harmony                    Bye Bye Baby/Goodbye My Lady Love
      Toronto Northern Lights           Daddy Sang Bass
      American Barberboys               Brother Can You Spare A Dime
      High Cotton                              May I Never Love Again
      The Madhatters                         Desperado
      Princeton Tigertones                 Scarborough Fair
      Blue Jupiter                              L'il Red Riding Hood
      Rockapella                               Shambala
      Gay Notes                                 When It's Sleepy Time Down South
      Gay Notes                                 Stormy Weather
      36 MAD AVE                            Sound of Silence
      Countdown                               I'm Gonna Lock My Heart
      4 Voices                                    Didn't Want To Fall
      Reprise                                     What'll I Do
      Millenium                                 The Little Boy
      Ambiance                                 The Minute Waltz
      Acappella Gold                         Make Love To Me
      City Lights                                Someone To Watch Over Me'
      Ambassadors ofHarmony          Short People
      Ambassadors of Harmony         Applause
      Naturally Seven                        Bless This House

      Wow!!! 69 songs....from great artists... all for your listening pleasure. Tune in tomorrow night and enjoy a lot of songs from the season.

      For T.J. Barranger and myself, we wish you and those you love the very best of Thanksgiving Days, with the hope that all will join family and friends and share in the blessings of the season.  May each of you feel the love that bonds and nurtures friendships and families.  AND Thank you for listening in to The "APPLAUSE" Show each week.

      Rich Taylor, Host of The "APPLAUSE"Show
      Show Website:  www.harmonize.com/applauseshow
      Thursday Night 6:30pm-11:00pm
      AM 1620, Village Radio, Upper Montclair, NJ
      On the Internet at WWW.VILLAGERADIO.COM
      email us at : applause@...

      Special Fundraising Opportunity for all Listeners:
      Rare Lithograph Prints "John Lennon by Cynthia Lennon"

      Continuous Broadcasting since 1997
      Host of the SPEBSQSA Int'l Webcast Team 2000, 2001, 2002
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E.  "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting  the Nashville Webcast
      Winner 2001 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
              for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show

      Winner 2000 P.R.O.B.E. "Outstanding Achievement Award"
             for hosting The "APPLAUSE" Show
      Winner 2000 MAD District "Award of Excellence" for The "APPLAUSE" Show

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