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777Casting Notice - The Fabulous Doo-Wops - A JukeBox Musical!

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  • Mark W. Curran
    May 7, 2009
      Casting Notice - The Fabulous Doo-Wops - A JukeBox Musical!

      Dan Jordan of 1234 Productions here. I am the casting director for a
      wonderful new stage show written by Mark W. Curran. The show is
      called The Fabulous Doo-Wops. It is a 90 minute show with over 24
      doo-wop songs and a decent amount of dialogue.

      Think "Jersey Boys" Meets "Forever Plaid," but more fun!

      We are seeking 4 acapella doo-wop singers who can act. We are seeking
      male singers from approximately ages 18-30. We welcome doo-wop groups
      that are already formed as well as individual singers.

      We are planning a series of single night shows for the Fall for the Los Angeles area,
      three of them are guaranteed, more will follow, most of them will be local or within
      the state, as well as possible cruise ship work.

      Auditions will be held in Pasadena on Tuesday, May 26th and Saturday, May 30th, 2009.

      For more information on submitting your pre-audition materials, please visit: