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Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop

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  • preto nero
    SWEDISH DIGITAL FILMMAKING WORKSHOP Jakarta, 28 October – 18 November 2007 The Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop is a contribution from the Swedish
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      Jakarta, 28 October – 18 November 2007
      The Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop is a contribution from the Swedish Institute to the development of Indonesian film, a knowledge and cultural exchange, to increase the dialogue and participation between the two countries, also to increase the people’s awareness about Indonesia .
      The workshop in Indonesia is a part of the triptych digital filmmaking workshops in Havana – Cuba , Lake Victoria – Rwanda and Jakarta – Indonesia . The three workshops will be presented together in Stockholm in the end of August and there is an opportunity to make a follow up show in Göteborg International Film Festival in January - February 2008.
      This workshop is in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta , the Faculty of Film and Television – the Jakarta Arts Institute, the Jakarta Arts Council, Alfatech, Avid, JVC, HP, www.boleh.com, Majalah Film and Kineforum.
      The three-week Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop will be held on October 28th – November 17th, 2007 at the Faculty of Film and Television at the Jakarta Arts Institute.
      The students will be selected base on the basic ideas submitted. A selection panel will select 10 qualified students to participate in the workshop.
      The students will be taught the language of filmmaking and the director’s craft as applied to the digital format. Each students in the three-week digital filmmaking workshop will have to go through the process of writing, producing, directing and editing, where they will form two production groups based on two qualified scripts selected by the mentors and organizer.
      The students themselves will be the crew on the projects, which will give them the greatest understanding of the functions of various departments. All short films will be shot on JVC camera and edited on Avid Media Composer digital editing system.
      The submitted basic idea must be fiction and original. It can be anything interesting related to the daily life of the participants, the surroundings, or anything about Indonesia . Tell your story!
      1. Participants must send two hard copies and a soft copy in English & Indonesian
          languages of:
      - curriculum vitae
      - basic idea/film description
      - preliminary research
      - copy right clearance for any materials used in the film (music, photos, etc)
      - example of previous works (if available)
      - application form
      2. The basic idea should be made for final fiction film duration of between 5 and 15
          Minutes, with financial and time limitation set by the workshop.
      3. All films are to be shot, produced and finalized in Jakarta .
      4. Application form can be downloaded at www.swedenabroad.com/jakarta and
      1. Organizer will select the completed application only
      2. The Selection Panel will select 10 qualified treatments to choose 10 finalists
      3. The 10 finalists will be notified about their participation in a 21-day workshop and
          will be invited to come to Jakarta .
      1. Registration
          The registration process is on 1 August – 14 September 2007. All applications
          Must be sent to the Embassy of Sweden.
      2. Selection Process
          The selection process will be held on 17 – 23 September 2007.
      3. Finalists Notification
          The 10 finalists will be notified for their participation in the workshop on
          24 – 28 September 2007, by phone and or e-mail.
      4. Workshop
          The workshop will be conducted in 21 days, from 9 am – 5 pm , on 28 October –
          17 November 2007, comprised of :
      a. theory development
          Will be held at the Multiguna Room of the at the Faculty of Film and
          Television at the Jakarta Arts Institute.
          A seven-day theory development on writing and directing. After a pitching
          the students will be divided into two production groups according to the two
          qualified scripts selected by the mentors and organizer.
          A three-day of production management, cinematography, sound, art
          directing and editing classes. 
      b. shooting development
          A five-day shooting development, where the students will make the two
          shorts films, in Jakarta only.
      c. post-production
         A six-day post-production, where the groups will digitally edit the films on
         digital video at the editing studio of Avid – Alfatech.
      d. final Screening
          At the conclusion of the digital filmmaking workshop, a screening of the
          students’ final project is held together with other Swedish and Indonesian short    
          films, on 18 November 2007 at the Kineforum Cinema, providing a unique
          opportunity for the public to see the works students have produced.
      Component of Workshop
      1. participant
      A participant is somebody who takes part in submitting his or her basic
          idea/film description in the workshop, with requirements:
      -  Indonesian citizens living in Indonesia
      -  Must have graduated from high school or equal, but less than 35 years of
      -  Should have demonstrated motivation to learn some aspect of filmmaking
      - Must take part in the whole workshop and film production process in  
        accordance with the time schedule specified by the organizer
      - Participants must send two hard copies and a soft copy of curriculum vitae,
         script, preliminary research, example of previous works (if available), copy   
         right clearance and application form which must be made in both English
         & in Indonesian languages.
      2. finalist/student
      Finalist is anyone who has qualified to take part in the workshop. After a
          selection on the submitted basic idea/film description, there will be 10 ideas/writers,
          which then be called finalist/students. They will be invited to come to Jakarta for
          the workshop.
      3. mentor
      Mentor is a filmmaking expert who is more experienced, who provides advice
          and support to, and watches over and fosters the progress of finalists or students in
          the workshop.
      The mentors, both Swedish and Indonesian are the filmmaking experts selected
          by the Swedish Institute, the supporters and the workshop organizer. They will   
          teach and transfer the knowledge of filmmaking, guide, supervise and evaluate the
          participants in the whole process of filmmaking in the workshop. Comprised of
          director, production manager, cinematographer, soundperson, art director,
          scriptwriter and editor.
      4. selection panel
      Selection Panel is a group of Swedish and Indonesian judges, a group of
          filmmaking experts who publicly discuss or judge the submitted scripts to choose the
          10 finalists.

      5. observer
      Observer is somebody who attends the workshop as a witness without taking part.
          The workshop allows ten observers in the theory development only. They will not
          get any facilities other than lunch and coffee break.
      Each finalist/student will get:
      - Hotel room (shared)
      - Ticket (airplane, train or bus) from home – Jakarta return
      - Insurance (accident only)
      - Six editions of Majalah Film
      - Breakfast, lunch & dinner
      - Goody bag       
      Each student, upon successful completion of the program, receives a diploma.
      Two qualified scripts will be awarded Avid Media Composer original software and production fund.
      Follow Up Film Festivals
      -     Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest),  7 – 16 December 2007, www.jiffest.org
      -     Europe On Screen, 26 October – 2 November 2007 ( Jakarta ) 3 – 25 November
         2007 (outside Jakarta )
      -     Göteborg International Film Festival, 25 January – 4 February 2007,
      www.swedenabroad.com/jakarta, www.boleh.com
      email: si.projects@...
      tel. +62-21-25 53 59 28
      HP. +62-813 1099 7619, +62-21-70 444 945 (Winda)
      +62-815 8730 636, +62-21-9355 8964 (Susi)
      Send your application to
      SDFW/Embassy of Sweden
      Menara Rajawali 9th Floor
      Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot # 5.1
      Jakarta 12950

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