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Re: Beginners question

First I must appologize for not getting back to you. It has been a long time but life gets in the way. I belong to a group of spinners and weavers and one of
Jan 13

L-M Bric down?

Does anyone know why L-M Bric is down? I know Kinoshita Masako moved from NY to MA two years ago and all reports that I've seen say she stopped responding to
Nov 9, 2016

Re: Makiko Tada location

I replied to Elliot off-list shortly after his post, and hopefully got him sorted out. — John ... I replied to Elliot off-list shortly after his post, and
John Whitley
Oct 15, 2016

Re: Makiko Tada location

I think it an hour or more from Tokyo by train Sent from my iPad
Oct 15, 2016

Makiko Tada location

Hi, it's kind of a long story, but right now I am on my own in Tokyo. I'm trying to arrange a meet-up with some SCAdians tomorrow night. Somebody is taking me
Elliott C. Evans
Oct 14, 2016

Re: R. Owens 250 Braids book. need info

Hi Nancy, There's no error in the instructions for that braid. 11.1 and 11.5 do use the same setup, but different movements, which are detailed on the
Aug 26, 2016

R. Owens 250 Braids book. need info

I need info. Seems that braid #11 in the book "Braids 250 patterns) in the hard cover book (pg 62) braid 11.1 and braid 11.5 are the same set up but the
Aug 25, 2016

Re: Beginners question

I do not call the 7 strand/fill the gap kumihimo because I feel like that word should be "reserved" strictly for braids that originate from Japan, and as far
Aug 21, 2016

Re: Beginners question

The beaded 7 strand allows you to use an odd assortment of beads. It doesn't matter if they are not all the same size or shape. It gives a different look
Aug 20, 2016

Re: Beginners question

Is there a particular reason you do the 7 strand braid? There is an easy 8 strand braid that is traditionally done in a kumihimo style and would probably be
Albert Abril
Aug 20, 2016

Re: Beginners question

Thanks John I knew I would get an answer here. I will share your note with the other ladies and we will carry on. Over the last 5 years we have given out and
Aug 20, 2016

Re: Beginners question

This is a good place to ask. There is some confusion about the seven-strand braid, usually called "fill the gap braid." It is based on a straw-plating braid
Janis Saunders
Aug 20, 2016

Re: Beginners question

... Hi Louise, On one hand, “kumihimo” is just the Japanese word for braiding. On the other, it’s used outside of Japan to distinguish braids made using
John Whitley
Aug 20, 2016

Beginners question

I did not know if this is the place to ask but thought with all the experience here one will be able to answer. I belong to a small group and they have begun
Aug 20, 2016

Re: SWAP 2005 entry question

Thank you John. I'll look at the KBI group, I belong to a Kumihimo Facebook group already however it is more focused on beading and simple braid structures, I
Jun 4, 2016
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