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Shailja in July

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    MIGRITUDE GOES TO ARTWALLAH Happy summer, everyone! Here s what I m up to as the sun blazes….. In community, Shailja www.kearnystreet.org/programs/ksw-
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      Happy summer, everyone! Here's what I'm up to as the sun blazes…..

      In community,




      SHAILJA'S JULY PERFORMANCES (Full Details Below)

      1) Artwallah, LA, July 9th and 10th. Highlighted theater artist.


      1) MIGRITUDE (work-in-progress) makes it to the second stage of
      selection for a Creative Capital grant www.creative-capital.org

      2) MIGRITUDE (work-in-progress) makes it to the second stage of
      selection for the International Women Art Festival in Vienna, 2006.

      3) "Shilling Love" and "Dreaming in Gujurati" will air on BBC
      radio in the UK as part of its Africa Lives Festival in early July

      BOOKINGS AND RESOURCES (Full details below)

      1) For all bookings and enquiries, please email me directly at
      2) Where to find my work online



      Artwallah, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, CA
      July 7 - 10
      MIGRITUDE (work-in-progress)
      See description at end of this mailing.
      Saturday July 9, 1:45 to 2:15pm, Indoor Theater

      Panel:Working the Wallah of Art (see description below)
      Sunday July 10, 3.30 – 4.30pm, Pine Tree Plaza

      Yes, it's Artwallah time again! The best 3-day summer party on the
      West Coast – packed with music, theater, word, art, film, comedy, all
      charged with an electricity that's impossible to describe.

      This year, I'm delighted and honored to be Artwallah's Highlighted
      Theater Artist.

      I'll present 30 minutes of work-in-progress from
      MIGRITUDE, on Saturday, and moderate a panel: Working the Wallah of
      Art, on Sunday.

      Panel: Working the Wallah of Art

      Not all of us create art as a side gig, while holding down day jobs
      as doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Many of us are full-time artists,
      who have devoted as much time, training and financial investment to
      our craft as any neurosurgeon. How do we get paid for our work? How
      do we educate organizers, producers, and society in general about
      valuing artists? Our panel of working artists and arts professionals
      will discuss, among other issues: how to value your time, negotiate
      fees, and set financial goals as an artist. Bring all the questions
      you've ever wanted to ask about how to make a living as an artist!

      Sammy Chand, founder of Rukus Ave Records, producer/performer for
      Amyn Kaderali, filmmaker, recipient of a Martin Scorsese Young
      Filmmaker Award
      Sheetal Sheth, actress, ABCD, American Chai
      Ravi Kapoor, actor, cast of TV's Crossing Jordan, theater director,
      writer, producer
      For all bookings and enquiries, please email me directly at

      You can find my work online at:

      The South Asian Literature Archive – interview, audio files, poems
      See performances of Screaming and This Is How It Feels

      SF Indy Media - video of my performance at Intersection For The Arts

      Read "Shilling Love" on Lodestar Quarterly – the best of queer
      writing online http://www.lodestarquarterly.com/work/201/


      A battered red suitcase holds my trousseau: eighteen heirloom saris,
      collected over 30 years by my mother, to pass down to me. MIGRITUDE
      unlocks the suitcase, reclaims voices and stories of migrant colonial
      subjects from erasures of 'official' history. The six yards of a sari
      both reveal and conceal female form; MIGRITUDE shows what is revealed
      and concealed by 'traditional' migrant narratives. The word itself, a
      play on Negritude and Attitude, asserts the dignity of outsider

      Each sari is woven of economic, cultural, political and personal
      history. As I unwind it, I unleash voices of women from Afghanistan,
      Kenya, Korea, India, Iraq, to tell of their lives in the bootprint of

      MIGRITUDE explores global themes; heritage, war, freedom, by making
      intimate family treasures public. Similarly, it expresses universal
      experiences of colonized peoples through the journeys of my own
      diasporic Indian family. Three cross-continental migrations shape the
      story: the early 20th-century migration of Indians to East Africa;
      the mass expulsion and emigration of East African Indians to the
      global North from the 1970s onwards, and my own emigration from
      Africa, to Europe, to the US. The sequence maps my personal
      transitions as a migrant: from survival to self-expression,
      invisibility to activism, model minority to radical artist.

      Generous funding & support for MIGRITUDE has been provided by the
      Zellerbach Family Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett
      Foundation, Sneha Patel, Destiny Arts Center, and the Serpent Source
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