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Tonight: api comedy showcase at locus arts

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  • Samantha Chanse
    hey all. just a last minute reminder about the comedy show tonight at locus. doors open at 7.30. armageddon comedy (in bed) Friday, April 1st; 8pm (doors open
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Tonight: api comedy showcase at locus arts hey all. just a last minute reminder about the comedy show tonight at locus. doors open at 7.30.

      armageddon comedy (in bed)
      Friday, April 1st; 8pm (doors open 7.30pm)
       Locus Arts, at Galeria de la Raza
       2857 24th Street (@ Bryant), SF
       Admission: $7

      yeah, so it's not really an apocalyptic bedroom comedy battle, but it could be. and we thought the name was eye-catching--was it? "april fool's comedy showcase" seems boring and overplayed.

      but the show IS on april fool's day, which is hella easy to remember.

      locus' standup comedy showcase is back: comedy sovereigns Kevin Shea, Brent Weinbach, Tessie Chua, Edwin Li, Kevin Camia, Nico Santos, Jen Kober, and much more. laughter and such to feed the soul.

      we hope you want in as much as we do. see you there, if all goes according to plan.

      more info at www.locusarts.org

      About the artists:
      KEVIN CAMIA is a stand up comic who loves to perform. He has performed around the country, the Philippines and is becoming a local favorite in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kevin’s comedy is a unique blend of dry wit, storytelling and social satire. He does draw from his own experiences as a Filipino American but will write wherever his mind takes him. He has performed for theater, and film and occasionally appears as the musical legend, Bobby Banduria.

      This is TESSIE CHUA (pictured at left). She is funny. Soon this page will be updated with more info about Tessie Chua.

      Comedian JEN KOBER is one of the hot new faces of stand-up comedy. Originally from Lake Charles, LA, Kober has recently relocated to San Francisco where she has quickly become a Bay Area favorite, playing gigs up and down the west coast and bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, story telling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy. In November 2004, Kober was the Runner-Up in The Seattle International Comedy Competition. Kober's quick wit and machine-gun talking Southern drawl made her the first woman since Aisha Tyler to make the finals. FAT KIDS RULE! kobercomedy.com.

      Born in Boston and raised in San Francisco, EDWIN LI begins his comedic career at the age of sixteen. Performing at various clubs, his love for making others laugh blooms. His perception of the world comes mainly from the influence of his wacky sister and Chinese background. Entertaining others has always been easy for him, now it has become his passion in life. Take him seriously, or not, he will be the funniest guy you’re ever heard.

      NICO SANTOS is a new face in stand-up comedy wowing audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With only under a year of stand-up under his belt, Nico has become a staple of the local comedy scene. A native of the Philippines, Nico settled down in San Francisco via Oregon where he always thought about doing comedy but never got around to it. When he’s not making people keel over with laughter, Nico works for the wonderful world of Dior, where he helps Paris Hilton wannabes, ladies who lunch and Paris Hilton spend exorbitant amounts of money. Gay Stereotype? Maybe so – but his comedy says otherwise. He’s not your ordinary asian either . . . no spelling bees for him. Instead, his distinctive observational style and autobiographical material have helped propel his career far in such a short time.

      Originally born in Seoul, Korea, KEVIN SHEA was adopted into the United States by a nice White Irish family. Even at age seven, Kevin realized he was a bit different than the rest of the family. He knew that there was no way he could be that sensitive to light, especially in the dark. Kevin grew up outside of Philadelphia and went to college near Pittsburgh. After college and two "real" jobs later, he decided to try and hit the comedy scene in San Francisco. In his short career as a comic, he has become one of the fastest rising comics in the Bay Area. With his thought provoking jokes about his family life and social behavior, he has been able to perform with San Francisco favorites such as, Robert Hawkins, Tom Rhodes, and Arj Barker. Many people have proclaimed him as the "next big thing", but Kevin remains humble and realizes that the only way to get to the top is through hard work and borrowing money. This young comedian is hungry and talented, so watch out! visit his website kevinshea.tv for more info.

      In the relatively short time BRENT WEINBACH has been performing stand-up comedy in the Bay Area, he has gained a particularly favorable reputation in both the underground and mainstream local comedy scenes. Through a unique and quirky style, Brent combines absurdism, physical humor, and cultural characterizations with an intellectual sophistication. As his cult following continues to develop, Weinbach fans all over the Bay Area and beyond can be seen wearing his own "Weinbach" t-shirt. Originally from Los Angeles, Brent Weinbach received his B.A. from U.C. Berkeley with a major in Film Studies and minor in Music. He works professionally as a comedian, musician, and school teacher. Visit Brent at brentweinbach.com.

      April 1, 2005, 8pm
       Galeria de la Raza
       2857 24th street (@ bryant)
       san francisco
       Admission: $5

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