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  • Barbara J. Pulmano Reyes
    Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 06:34:24 PM From: ERTABIOS@aol.com Subject: PinoyPoetics Calling.... ... Dear Poets and Friends, Happy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2001
      Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 06:34:24 PM
      From: ERTABIOS@... <ERTABIOS@...>
      Subject: PinoyPoetics Calling....

      Dear Poets and Friends,
      Happy New Year!
      Please forgive the group nature of this e-mail, and note this one-time
      extension of PinoyPoetics Submission deadline to May 31, 2001.

      From the open submissions call for PinoyPoetics whose FIRST deadline was Dec.
      31, 2000 (yes, I always knew the initial deadline would have to be extended
      since I know how we pinoys operate), I received a true bounty of material

      --Rene Navarro���s essay that engages with Taoism (Shih Hua poetics) and shows
      its effect on his poetry;

      --Mila Aguilar���s (and pseudonym Clarita Roja���s) wide-ranging essay that
      depicts her poetry/poetics��� development from political activism to Born-Again
      Christianity, and ��� geeezzz ��� some really breathtaking, generous revelations
      of life as a rebel during the Marcos years and how that experience continues
      to reverberate;

      --Barbara Pulmano Reyes��� essay that shows a very young emerging poet
      describing her first poetry workshop experience ��� from the mouth of babes,
      Barbara ended up coming up for a justification of the caesura (that is about
      as NEW as what Pound was looking for in poetry) that I plan to make sure
      becomes recognized by this country���s experimental (and experimental women���s)
      poetry movement;

      --Jean Gier���s essay that spans such topics as Fil-American history, Freud,
      indigenous Filipino culture and more ��� along the way, she also Filipinizes
      latter 20th century poetic practice of collage to call it "abilidad" or the
      Filipino way of scavenging.

      If you take a look at the ideas briefly touched on in JUST these four
      examples, it proves what I���d suspected about the overall theme of
      "PinoyPoetics" ��� there not only is something poetically innovative and
      generally interesting about this topic but it is a valuable enterprise. An
      enterprise that we ��� Filipinos ��� need to put out there as no one else
      probably will.

      As I said, I always anticipated extending this first deadline ��� and some
      poets are caught up in the Erap Estrada impeachment issue back in the
      Philippines and requested more time. So, I am extending the PinoyPoetics
      deadline to May 31, 2001. This is a very real deadline as I will be at a
      colony for the month of May and expect to return to San Francisco to spend
      the summer finalizing efforts on the book's editorial content.

      I���m now sending this e-mail to poets I trust (in other words, based on what I
      know of your works and your writings, I would very much like to see a
      submission from you). I am also sending this missive as a reminder to poets
      who have spoken to me of their essays but which haven���t yet arrived in my
      mailbox. If even the majority of you respond, then I know the book is done!:

      Among those with whom I���ve spoken on this project in the past, I note:

      Eric Gamalinda (yes, send me that DVD poetry essay ��� I heard your
      presentation was a hit at AAWW);

      Eugene Gloria (as discussed, send me anything but I suggest you already have
      something on PinoyPoetics, based on what you delivered at the PinoyPoetics
      panel we did at NYU);

      Nick Carbo (listen buddy ��� I know we���re tired from all these anthologies ���
      but this will be the best yet; I plan to top Black Lightning);

      Catalina Cariaga (we discussed ��� I���m waiting or I���ll tell everyone what kind
      of Ilocano words you���re learning, based on what you wrote in my Cultural

      Luisa Igloria ��� (I know you can pull together something because you���re
      brilliant, you);

      Bino A. Realuyo ��� (we can do this before, sugar-pie ��� if you want, you just
      snip-n-cut something from your novel-in-progress, stir in a poem or two about
      the military bases���.geeez, so easy, you know).

      Pat Rosal ��� baby, I���m waiting��� the "hip" topic sounds brilliant and no one
      else is handling it so go for it.

      Ruey de Vera ��� as discussed��� I know it will be done.

      Krip Yuson ��� look, sweetheart, if you���re stuck on a topic, make one up based
      on our torrid discussions, okay? And don���t forget the leather.

      Pete Lacaba ��� I'm interested. Also, please ask Marra Llanot ��� I would love
      an essay somewhat relating to Filipina feminism ��� no one else (that I know
      of) is doing that yet.

      Paolo Javier ��� And if you don't submit, who else will represent the post-
      Frank O���Hara/New York School among Pinoys? (Are you eating, son?)

      Oscar Penaranda ��� Surely, you know so much Fil-Am history you can pull
      something together here? (How about relating it to how you implemented the
      first Fil-Am studies department in a U.S. university?)

      The variety of poetry and poetic styles and poetic concerns represented by
      you all make this a fabulous project. Oh, I should update you that the
      results of the Open Submissions also have encouraged me to narrow my focus to
      contemporary (i.e. ALIVE) poets. Hmmm���that would allow me a title like "21ST
      Century Pinoy Poetics" ��� sounds millenial, eh?

      Last ��� but certainly not least important ��� yes, I AM HIGHLY CONFIDENT the
      book will be published. So. Again, the next ��� and last ��� deadline for
      PinoyPoetics is May 31. Nonetheless, because of ongoing discussions over
      various publishing arrangements, THE SOONER THE BETTER. (And I do thank
      those who've met the initial deadline as your essays are extremely helpful in
      ongoing publications discussions for the book.)

      I���ll be sending out a more formal call to FLIPS Listserve, but please
      consider this missive a personal, direct solicitation call from me
      (notwithstanding its group nature).

      Lastly, if you have any questions, do e-mail me. There's no particular form
      required for the submission, though I note how the best essays go from macro
      to micro ��� touch on underlying concerns and then come up with poems
      manifesting those concerns; AS WELL AS address the poetic craft. It was
      quite interesting, for example, to read of Mila Aguilar note about her nom de
      guerre Clarita Roja during the Marcos Martial Law years: "To Clarita Roja,
      poetry is not supposed to call attention to itself, but to the need for
      change. That is why there is no regular rhyme or rhythm in her poetry.
      Otherwise, the point would be lost in the telling���" and then she goes on to
      say: "In keeping with the theme of the violence of class struggle, hard
      consonants predominate: "k," "d," "g," "j," "v," "r," the hard "th," "b."
      This is the kind of autobiographical poetics statement that will make this
      book a necessary text for the rest of the 21st century. So I really hope you
      poets receiving this e-mail will join me in this project.

      And, if you can, please confirm your interest (e.g. to let me know if you
      will send me an essay). I know we���re all busy and I also wish to work around
      your constraints.

      Also, if anyone knows of/can encourage a Filipina poet, I���m looking for more
      submissions from women poets���spread the word.


      p.s. You can e-mail me your submission, or send to

      Eileen Tabios
      3337 Clay St., #3
      San Francisco, CA 94118

      Barbara J. Pulmano Reyes
      5506 Sacramento Avenue
      Richmond, CA 94804
      e-mail: bjanepr@...

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