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KPFA 94.1 FM Radio Show. Mon. April 28th. POOR Magazine News show 730am. Joe Bataan Interviewed by

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  • Tony Robles
    Dear Subscribers, Family & Community, Please read on for BIG NEWS in POOR Magazine s Revolutionary Media, Art and Organizing work.... Please tune in to this
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2008

      Dear Subscribers, Family & Community, Please read on for BIG NEWS in POOR Magazine's Revolutionary Media, Art and Organizing work.... 

      Please tune in to this month's PNN radio show on The Morning Show on KPFA 94.1 fm on Monday, April 28th @7:30 am (you can stream it on-line at www.kpfa.org by clicking on the Morning Show for that date) to hear a report on the impending deadly proposal to cut the cash aid of unemployed workers in poverty in Alameda County (see below for action alert with POOR on Monday, April 28th in Oakland), then worker and poverty scholar Tony Robles with a PNN ReviewsforTheRevolution interview with the King of Latin Soul, legendary poverty and music scholar Joe Bataan and finally a welfareQUEENS media advocacy report on the situation with child care for poor families in Califas...

      As well, see below for upcoming VERY serious Action alerts, the formal launch party and open house of The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute Summer Seminars, Internships and Professional Development for Service providers, educators, college students and community members (check out our new website! www.racepovertymediajustice.org),  PNN's expanded media collaborations and the powerful PNN poverty scholars and Voces de Inmigrantes en Resistencia gente who represented at the recent FCC hearing on Net Neutrality in Stanford! And finally, links to the newest Powerful and Packed PNN issue at www.poormagazine.org

      Crucial Action Alerts and Events organized with Race, Poverty, Disability, Migrant and Youth Scholars

      Monday, April 28th A Rally for Life! Against proposed GA Time Limits @ 10:00am at 1221 Oak Street in Oakland- Join Poverty Scholars, advocates and conscious legal professionals from POOR Magazine, Homeless Action Center, EBLC and BOSS at A Rally for Life! against the proposed time limits to General Assistance in Alameda County. The rally and press conference will precede a hearing before the board of Supervisors at the 5th floor- Please plan on staying to testify!

      Sunday, April 27th Protest No Match Letters and defend immigrant/migrant rights
      3:00-6:00pm @ Cesar Chavez Educational Center 2825 International Blvd in Oakland. (Voces folks will leave POOR Magazine at 7th and Market at 2:30 on Sunday if you want to go on BART with a cru!)

      May 1st In Oakland and Frisco!  Primero De Mayo March for Sin Barreras for Migrant Workers on Intl Workers Day! For a Bay Area Calendar Go on-line to http://www.immigrantrights.org/calendars.asp

      Monday May 12th Justice Fo Da Mamaz on MOTHERS DAY!
      9:00 am on Monday, May 12th @ 400 McAllister (@ POLK st) in SF
      Mamaz from all over protest a flagrantly anti-mama judge in SF Family Court. Sponsored by POOR Magazine Courtwatch Project and the welfareQUEENS

      Tuesday, May 13th Open House and Formal Launch Party of the Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute's Summer Seminars for Service providers, educators, college students, and artists!
      Tuesday, May 13th @ 6:00 pm - space is limited - Please call to register for this free event! Hear Testimonies from Graduates and Spoken word scholarship from The Po Poets Project and meet the revolutionary teachers and Poverty, Race, Disability and Youth scholars in residence at POOR Magazine. Refreshments and Child Care will be provided!

      See below for links to the Revolutionary media and journalism on PNN.

      Palabras de Resistencia de Medios/Words of Media Resistance**
      Poverty, Race, Disability and Migrant scholars from PoorNewsNetwork (PNN) in collaboration with Media organizers from all ova da bay speak truth to the FCC on Net Neutrality
      By Guillermo Gonzalez and Gloria Esteva/PNN

      **This action also garnered new media collaborators for POOR- the Free Press (see http://www2.freepress.net/actionnetwork/) and Media Alliance (see http://www.media-alliance.org/article.php?story=20080423112548812)

      A Deadly Proposal
      Alameda County proposes to cut poor, unemployed workers off of aid for six months of each year.
      By Cullette X and Tiny/PoorNewsNetwork

      Ordinary Guy
      A Professor, music and poverty scholar with a "degree in streetology" Joe Bataan
      By Tony Robles/PNNReviewforTheReVolution

      Silenced Mamas
      A prominent family Law judge in San Francisco Family Court rules consistently against mothers. A Mothers day Action entitled Justice fo Da Mamaz on Mothers Day is planned at 9:00 am May 12th at 400 McAllister Street
      By Marlon Crump/PNN

      A Parent Scholar
      PNN Revolutionary worker scholar speaks on the murder of Luis Solari, a father of three.
      By Tony Robles/PNN

      A permanent fixture of injustice: Child Protective Services
      One young mother's attempt to help a friend leads to the invasion of Child Protective Services.
      By Amanda Smiles/PNN

      We took them from you before
      The story of one young family's nightmare with mistaken identity and abuse of Child Protective Services.
      By Marlon Crump/PNN

      Hip-Hop Tried to Kill Me
      A PNN REviewsforthReVoluTion Hip Hop review of a new book on Hip Hop, survival and thrival of a community activist and poverty scholar
      By Sam Drew/PNN

      Throw Old Women on the Street
      The closing of Buster's Place leaves women and seniors out on the streets.
      BY Bruce Allison/PNN

      Confident that our civil rights will be protected...
      Part 2 of the Arrested Series by Race, Poverty and Disability Scholar in residence at POOR Magazine
      By Brother Y?/PNN

      St. Luke's Saved My Life
      Threatened with closure, St. Luke's hospital in San Francisco's Mission District, is a lifeline for many low-income families
      By Vivian Hain/PNN

      Don't Spray on Me
      Families, children resist this inhuman and very questionable "spraying" of our land
      Tony Robles/PNN

      Ella Hill Hutch Closing?
      Staff at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center wonder if -- or when -- the City will close their shelter serving houseless folks and youth.
      By T.J. Johnston/Special to PNN

      A Bit of Common Sense
      PNN worker Scholar speaks on the Airport Toiletries Scam
      By Tony Robles/PNN Revolutionary Worker Scholar

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