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MHF: Reserve your copy of "A Serving of Love" DVD & Call out to Artists

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    ctrl, right click on images to view larger or click on image to direct you to a site for more details. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat! Reserve your copy of A
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      ctrl, right click on images to view larger or click on image to direct you to a site for more details.
      Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

      Reserve your copy of A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro by Jan. 31, 2008!  To reserve your copy call 415.777.1130 or email mhf@.... Also, if you are interested in exhibiting your art work, please fill out a proposal form.
      Note: Filipino Diaspora Part III: International is extended until JANUARY 12th! You still have time to take a look at the exhibit before it goes.

      Gallery Exhibition
      : Filipino Diaspora Part III: International
      2.   2008 I-Hotel Manilatown Center Exhibit: Call out to Artists
      3.   A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro: Reserve your copy
      4.   Computer Lab Hours: Free for the Seniors
      5.   Housing Assistance Program: Housing Assistance Available
      6.   Volunteer Opportunities
      7.   Donate to MHF: @ Guide Star & Yellow Brick Mall
      8.   Community Partners: KSW ED Search

      All program events are held at the
      unless otherwise noted.
      Gallery hours TUES-SAT 1-6PM
      P: 415.399.9580
      F: 415.399.9581

      Admission is FREE, but tax-deductible DONATIONS ARE WELCOMED!

      1. Gallery Exhibition
          Filipino Diaspora Part III: International

      FD_front_revised.jpg picture by DiFlooism
      Manilatown Heritage Foundation presents

      The Filipino Diaspora Part III: International
      Exhibition: Extended until JANUARY 12, 2008
      Photographs by Rick Rocamora and Vic Valbuena Bareng;
      Artwork by Mel Vera Cruz, England Hidalgo, Arvin Flores, and Sharon Hing
      The Filipino International Diaspora is a story of human exportation and exploitation. Migrant workers from the Philippines send billions back to their country, but the human cost of working abroad is high. While some migrants go abroad with Ph.D.'s, most travel to get away from dire poverty in their homeland. The risks migrants face are widely known, including verbal, physical and sexual abuse, even death, but one in seven Filipino workers left the Philippines last year to work abroad. About half the world's migrants are women, many of whom care for children abroad while leaving their own children home.

      This exhibit explores the social, political and economic conditions of Filipinos abroad and in the Philippines, and the postmodern crisis of identity within succeeding generations.

      Note: Some of the exhibit content may not be suitable for children.


      2. 2008 I-Hotel Manilatown Center Exhibit
          Call Out to Artists

      Process for Submitting Work for Exhibition at Manilatown Center

      Our quarterly exhibitions are themed presentations, with accompanying auxiliary programming. The theme for 2008 is Globalization: Response and Responsibility. There are four exhibitions that deal with the topics and their effect on the Filipino community both locally and globally. In addition, we have an annual I-Hotel commemoration exhibit.

      You do not have to be Filipino to submit a proposal, but artwork should directly relate to the year's theme and the Filipino experience. We also have a slot for a solo exhibition in December for a promising Filipino artist whose work fits our mission. Our exhibitions for 2008 and tentative dates are:

      -WomenÂ’s Issues: Labor, domestic workers, sex trafficking
          Mar 8-May 3
      -Western Ideas/Colonial Mentality
          May 12-July 19
      -I-Hotel Commemoration
          July 26-Sept 6
      -Cultural Appropriation & Assimilation
          Sept 13-Nov 15
      -Solo Exhibition
          Nov 22-Dec 31

      If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration for the 2008 exhibition, please visit http://manilatown.org/events.htm#call for more details and to obtain a proposal form. Or contact us at mhf@.... Proposals should be received two months before the opening date. The committee meets monthly to review.

      3. A Serving of Love: The Passion of Bill Sorro
          Reserve your copy
      Reserve your copy of the DVD by January 31st!
      Call us at 415.777.1130 or email us at mhf@... for your reserved copy.
      Visit billsorro.manilatown.org for more details.
      4. Computer Lab Hours
          Free for the Seniors

          Every Wednesday
      of the month
      -6 PM    

      Email isaac-o@... or call 415.399.9580 for more information.

      5.  Housing Assistance Program
          Housing Assistance Available

             Filhousingpostcardfront.jpg picture by DiFlooism
         Visit our website for more details at:


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