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Workshops in Balinese Music & Dance at OACC and Ashkenaz

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  • rebecca_klassen
    Gamelan Sekar Jaya announces 2007 Community Workshops in Balinese Music & Dance An exciting opportunity to study traditional music & dance with world-class
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
      Gamelan Sekar Jaya announces
      2007 Community Workshops in Balinese Music & Dance
      An exciting opportunity to study traditional music & dance with
      world-class Balinese artists.

      • Weekly instruction by noted Balinese artists Ida Ayu Ketut
      Suciawani, I Putu Putrawan & I Made Moja
      • Exposure to and participation in one of the worlds most highly
      evolved art forms.
      • A chance to work together with others in an atmosphere of
      creativity and respect.

      For TEENS & ADULTS:
      – Beginning Gamelan Angklung & Balinese Dance with Ida Ayu Suciawani
      & I Putu Putrawan
      WHERE: Oakland Asian Cultural Center (388 9th St. #290, Oakland)
      WHEN: Wednesdays: 5:15 - 6:45pm. Sessions begin January 17th.
      COST: $12/class or $40/month. Regular attendance encouraged but not

      For CHILDREN age 8 –12:
      – Beginning Balinese Dance with Ida Ayu Suciawani & I Made Moja
      WHERE: Ashkenaz Community Center (1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley)
      WHEN Sundays, 11:00am - 12:30pm. Sessions begin January 14th.
      COST: $7/class. Regular attendance encouraged.
      * You may qualify for a scholarship to cover tuition fees. Please
      contact GSJ for details.

      REGISTER NOW contact GSJ at 510-237-6849 or officemanager@...

      Ida Ayu Ketut Suciawani, born in North Bali to an artistically
      gifted family, is now one of Bali's most noted dancers—especially
      for her performance of Taruna Jaya, the challenging early 20th-
      century dance.
      She has performed throughout Indonesia, and in 1997 joined the
      Munduk gamelan in local festivals and international tours. Ibu Dayu
      has dedicated herself to teaching children and adults at Sanggar
      Tripitaka in Munduk, a community music and dance center established
      with her husband Putu.

      I Putu Putrawan is one of Bali's most vibrant young composers, from
      Munduk in North Bali. Putu has performed in festivals and ceremonies
      across Bali; has composed for the gamelan orchestra of Munduk, and
      accompanied them to Europe for concerts and residency activities.
      Recently, he and his wife Ida Ayu established a music and dance
      studio, Sanggar Tripitaka in Munduk for which heteaches and

      I Made Moja is a prominent Balinese dancer, teacher, shadow
      designer, and visual artist with a background in traditional ink and
      watercolor painting. His work has been shown internationally and is
      featured in numerous books on Balinese art and culture, and his new
      local store – Desa Arts. Since relocating to the Bay Area, Moja has
      been creating puppets, designing sets, performing and teaching as a
      dancer with Gamelan Sekar Jaya and ShadowLight Productions.

      Gamelan Sekar Jaya, an internationally acclaimed group of musicians
      and dancers, has made the performing arts of Bali its specialty.
      Founded in 1979, the group has presented hundreds of concerts,
      workshops, classes and other programs, featuring the artistry of
      master Balinese artists-in-residence.

      Need more information?
      LOCATION INFO: Oakland Asian Cultural Center – (510) 637-0455,
      www.oacc.cc; Ashkenaz – 510.525-5054, www.ashkenaz.com
      CLASS INFO: Gamelan Sekar Jaya – 510-237-6849, www.gsj.org
      6485 Conlon Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94503
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