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Call for submissions: home at space180

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  • samantha chanse
    Kearny Street Workshop (KSW)’s *space180 gallery* seeks submissions/proposals for new summer 2006 exhibition about home * * *deadline:* submissions must be
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2006
      Kearny Street Workshop (KSW)’s *space180 gallery* seeks

      for new summer 2006 exhibition about home

      * *

      *deadline:* submissions must be received by APRIL 17^th , 5pm

      Kearny Street Workshop, a 34-year old multidisciplinary Asian American
      arts organization, is seeking submissions for a new exhibition that will
      be on display from July 6 – August 31, 2006, in KSW’s space180 gallery,
      located at 180 capp street, at 17^th street, in San Francisco’s Mission
      District. To celebrate KSW’s space180, a new home for API artists, the
      first official space180 gallery exhibition will explore the idea of Home
      from API perspectives.

      KSW was founded in 1972 in the original International Hotel, located on
      Kearny Street in San Francisco’s Chinatown/Manilatown. Since then KSW
      has moved several times, from Chinatown to North Beach, from North Beach
      to South Park, from South Park to SOMA, and finally from SOMA to the
      Mission District.

      space180 is a new home for API artists, but what is it that defines
      home? Like many other communities of color and immigrant communities,
      API communities are informed by the experience of relocation, tied to a
      constant, if subconscious, searching and uncertainty about what is home
      - Asia or America. For KSW in particular, home has been mobile, often
      located in non-permanent physical spaces—office space, galleries and
      venues across the city—and virtual spaces—online communities and other
      networks. KSW’s home has always been dynamic, constantly evolving and
      shape-shifting to adapt to changing economic, political, and social
      landscapes, while still building a permanent sense of Home for our
      communities. What does Home mean to you and other artists in API
      communities here and around the Bay Area and beyond?

      This planned group exhibition may include all genres of visual arts
      including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation,
      video, projection, mixed media/multimedia, etc., but submitting artists
      should be aware that space180’s gallery space doubles as a performance
      space several evenings a week. Consequently, site-specific installations
      throughout space180 and the hallways and lobby in the building are
      highly encouraged with those considerations in mind. Artists who wish to
      visit the space should simply call 415.503.0520 or email
      info@... <mailto:info@...> to arrange an

      *TO SUBMIT:*

      Please send proposals for new work or submissions of completed
      work/works-in-progress to:

      Kearny Street Workshop
      Attention: HOME
      180 capp street, #5

      San Francisco, CA 94110

      *Please include:*
      - Artist Resume
      - Artist Statement
      - Artist Bio
      - Formal written proposal (please be as detailed as possible)
      - Relevant documentation & background materials optional
      - SASE for notification purposes (if you wish your materials to be
      returned to you, nclude return packaging with sufficient postage)

      - Submission fee of $10 (please make checks or money orders payable to
      PLEASE NOTE: no submission materials will be returned without
      accompanying SASE.

      *Deadline: received by 5pm, APRIL 17TH, 2005*
      Artists will be notified by May 5, 2005.

      Kearny Street Workshop is a San Francisco-based nonprofit whose mission
      is to produce and present art that enriches and empowers Asian Pacific
      American communities. Our vision is to achieve a more just society by
      connecting Asian Pacific American(APA) artists with community members to
      give voice to our cultural, historical, and contemporary issues. For
      more information about Kearny Street Workshop, please visit us at

      Questions/comments: info@... or 415.503.0520.
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