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  • Claire Light
    ... From: Jeff Chan To: seelight@earthlink.net Subject: APAture 2000 tidbits Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2000, 9:23 PM Claire, How are you doing?
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      From: Jeff Chan <jfchan@...>
      To: seelight@...
      Subject: APAture 2000 tidbits
      Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2000, 9:23 PM


      How are you doing? I've been thinking about APAture
      and wanted to throw in my 2 cents since I didn't make
      it to SOMarts on Friday, and I might not see you at
      Southern Exposure this coming Wednesday.

      And here are my thoughts:

      Regarding venue, I'm going to make a plug for OACC
      again. I've been working with Gina, and she is VERY
      supportive of what KSW-next is doing and she'll do
      whatever she can to help. As for cost, KSW can
      probably apply for the Community Access Funds through
      the city of Oakland and that will cover the rental
      fees. It's a great space, it has strong ties to the
      Asian American community, and they can provide
      logistical needs that performers deserve, ie, green
      room, secure storage areas for equipment, backstage
      access that does not disrupt on-stage activities.

      The other thing I wanted to mention was the proposed
      dates of end of September/early October. As far as I
      know, these are good dates. The dates of Thurs.
      September 21 to Sunday the 24th will be the Asian
      American Jazz Festival, so please keep that in mind if
      for some reason you need to search for new dates.

      Let me know what you think of all this. Feel free to
      post this on the ksw-next e-groups board. Talk with
      you soon, and by the way, belated happy birthday!


      Jeff Chan
      e-mail: jfchan@...
      website: http://home.earthlink.net/~jfchan/
      suggested listening: Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra presents
      Ellington-Strayhorn's Far East Suite (Asian Improv Records 0053). This
      album has been nominated for a Grammy!
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