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FW: TENTACLE: "Powers of Darkness" casting call

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      Kearny Street Workshop - ksw@...; ph/fax 415.503.0520
      934 Brannan St.; SF, CA 94103 - www.kearnystreet.org.

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      From: Laughing Squid <vortex@...>
      Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 08:48:05 -0700
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      Subject: TENTACLE: "Powers of Darkness" casting call

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      Open call, cast and crew, for mid-length independent movie

      We have a grant. We have a script. We have a schedule. Now we're having an
      open call for the cast and crew of "Powers of Darkness," a mid-length (30
      min. + / -) movie, to be shot in early November.

      THE MOVIE:
      Mixing history and fiction, "Powers of Darkness" depicts a nuclear-age
      America filled with escape hatches and flight plans, dreaming of Paradise.
      An Elizabethan cabal called the School of Night prepares to recapture Eden
      with blood and symmetry. Felix English, a computer technician stricken with
      Elpenor Syndrome ("where being lost is a state of mind"), slips away to the
      lost Republics on the other side of the map. The twins Hesper and Phosphor
      prepare for a wedding powered by the sinister logic that a resurrection can
      only follow a death. And over it all hovers the Dark Interpreter, whose job
      it is "to record all that has been lost or forgotten, or has been thrown
      into the sea," and whose angelic, melancholy presence slides down through
      the stories, tracking every attempt to realize the dream that haunts our
      parking lots and lonely nights.

      We're casting for 16 parts. We're looking for drifters, angels,
      visionaries, and older men (50-70) in particular. We are not necessarily
      looking for prior acting experience -- this is not a naturalistic movie.
      We're looking for certain faces, and above all a sense of passion and
      rapport with the stories and themes. Be ready to reinvent, improvise, and
      to find images and ideas that allow you to plug your energies into those of
      your character. Although the screenplay is solid, we're interested in
      weaving your moments of ecstasy and dread into it.

      We're looking for anyone with prior DV experience, anyone interested in
      doing costumes, make-up, prop management, or location scouting. Anyone
      interested in helping out will be welcome. (If you have a car, the entire
      crew will lavish you with affection.) It should be emphasized that we can't
      pay anybody (see CAVEATS), but we can reimburse all your expenses, and will
      do our best to provide food, transportation, and adventure -- not to
      mention good resume / volunteer experience, or another feather for your
      portfolio. (We are also looking for musicians interested in scoring a 30
      minute movie.)

      There are no paying positions. The terms of our grant forbid it.
      There is a time commitment: October rehearsals (cast), and a week of
      shooting in early November (cast and crew).

      BE THERE:
      The casting call will take place Friday, October 5th, from 2-5 pm. It is
      located in Room 120 in Kroeber Hall, on the UC Berkeley campus. The Hall is
      across from the Bancroft / College intersection, a block from the Berkeley
      Art Museum.

      If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact
      Finn Brunton, at finn@... or (510)-237-1826.

      Thanks for your attention.

      for more information:


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