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4900Fwd: Call for Submissions to Tea Party Magazine, Deadline Nov. 20

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  • Barbara Jane Reyes
    Nov 14, 2009
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      From: Keely Hyslop <keely.hyslop@...>
      Date: Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM
      Subject: Call for Submissions to Tea Party Magazine, Deadline Nov. 20
      To: cw-students@...


      TEA PARTY magazine (www.teapartymagazine.com) seeks submissions of
      fiction, poetry, photography, visual art, comics, interviews, and
      feature articles for its upcoming issue #19, THE UNEXPECTED ISSUE, to
      be published in June 2010.

      What does UNEXPECTED mean to you? What words, images, or associations
      does it conjure? Send us your work about unexpected transformations,
      experiences, or encounters; sucker punches; reversals of fortune;
      surprise parties; diamonds in the rough; epiphanies; calamities;
      playfulness; Freudian slips; underdogs taking the prize; kindness from
      strangers or enemies; random urine tests; fight-or-flight scenarios;
      putting your foot in your mouth; or that time things just didn’t turn
      out the way you planned. Better yet, send us something completely

      Email works to TeaPartyMagazine@... by Friday, November 20th, 2009.

      Be sure to include “UNEXPECTED SUBMISSION” and what kind of work you
      are submitting in your subject heading. Example: Unexpected
      Submission: Poetry


         * Honorarium: Tea Party pays an honorarium of $10 to $50 for all
      work accepted. Each contributor receives three copies of the issue, as
      well as an invitation to the magazine release party. Some contributors
      from each issue will have the opportunity to read their work at this


           Tea Party magazine focuses on the intersection of creativity and
      social justice. We especially support voices of artists and writers
      who are grappling with issues of social justice and are often
      marginalized or underrepresented. The common denominator of Tea Party
      contributors is a creative and progressive approach to their work,
      whether it’s through art, literature, activism, or science. Humor is
      always welcome! The editors are strongly committed to maintaining
      diversity of voice within each issue.


         * FICTION: Send one double-spaced, typed story up to 5,000 words.
      Make sure your name is on each page. Translations of original works
         * ESSAYS: Send one double-spaced, typed essay per submission up to
      5,000 words. Essays should relate to the theme through an arts and/or
      culture lens, preferably with social/political analysis, while still
      meeting the guidelines for strong feature writing. (i.e. doesn’t make
      the mistake of being too complex, abstract or losing sight of human
         * POETRY: Send 3-5 poems per submission (no more than 10 pgs
      total). Translations of original works welcome.
         * ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, & COMICS: Send 3-5 images of high resolution
      (at least 300 dpi) and either sent as a TIFF or EPS files only (no
      JPEGs, PDFs, GIFs, PSDs, or indexed color files). Visual works must
      also be publishable in black and white or in a sepia color format (not
      full color) so the higher the contrast the better. Please make sure
      all images are in grayscale (no RGB, CYMK files, no rich black). Be
      aware that images created in some programs automatically are color
      files, even if they LOOK black and white.
         * INTERVIEWS:  Send 1-2 interviews up to 7,000 words/each with an
      artist, writer, or activist who has developed a substantial body of
      work, and is considered a major innovator or visionary in their field.
      We also especially welcome interviews with a homeless of formerly
      homeless artist or writer, as well as interviews with interviewees
      from an underrepresented community (i.e. incarcerated, veterans, and
      so on).


         * We prefer e-mail submissions. Please send as an attachment or
      pasted into the body of an e-mail. Be sure to include your name,
      mailing address, e-mail address and phone number on the cover letter,
      as well as your name on each numbered page. Include a brief bio (50
      words or less) with your submission. Please address your submission to
      Nágila Manfrim at TeaPartyMagazine@.... Snail mail: If you have
      no computer access you may send submissions to the following address:
      Attn: Tea Party Magazine Submissions, 1925A Eleventh Avenue, Oakland,
      CA 94606. Enclose a SASE for our response (include additional postage
      if work is to be returned). We do not return unsolicited work. Reports
      on submissions within 6 months. Though we prefer previously
      unpublished works, we do consider previously published work as well as
      novel excerpts. Simultaneous submissions are fine if you give us 2
      months of lead time before submitting the same work somewhere else.
      Clearly mark envelope to the appropriate genre editor's attention
      (e.g. “Fiction Editor”).
         * Sample Issues: If you have never read Tea Party before, we
      strongly suggest you look at an issue before submitting work. Sample
      back issues are $5, e-mail or call us and we’ll send you one.

      As a non-profit arts & culture magazine based in Oakland and San
      Francisco, we publish work by writers, artists, intellectuals, and
      activists from diverse cultures, communities, and fields of study. Our
      core focus is the intersection of creativity and social justice. Tea
      Party magazine supports all people who struggle against oppression for
      self-determination by presenting a venue in which we can tell the
      truth about our lives, reveal what has been hidden, and/or present a
      vision of liberation and a strategy towards it.