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  • Sounds like a good idea! I have just made Tunico the co-moderator of the group with full capacity except for deleting the group. Tim Mellor is another full capacity moderator in Australia (Tim has been moderating the group for a few years. I have contacted Tim privately and Tim has offered to continue co-moderating the group). This way, we'll have 2 co-moderator with full capacity...
    Hung Vu Jun 3, 2007
  • I will likely be busy for a while on some new projects. I won't have time to manage these groups anymore but I still want to have these kitesurf legends continue. Anyone want to take over the management of the group (Tim for the kitesurf group and anyone else for the other groups) ? Please let me know. Thanks, Hung.
    Hung Vu Jun 2, 2007
  • I think it is already on there at http://www.kitesurfingschool.org/schools.htm#Asia%20&%20Pacific%20Rim How is the wind in July, Aug? What not another one in Vung Tau or Can Gio (closer to Sai Gon)? Hung. Alex Tien Do wrote: >Hi Guys, > >Please check out >www.kitesurfing-vietnam.com >High wind season Oct to April bring smallest kite u have no wetsuit other >than that kite year...
    Hung Vu Mar 30, 2007
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  • I normally glue it in too. The trick is to clean and then let it dry before using the glue. Someone else may have a better way. Hung. Alex Tien Do wrote: >Hi, > >I always have problem with the valve. >I usually use aquaseal (polyurethane glue) >Do u know any better solution or other idea by using heat. >I am looking for a heat machine that will possibly fix the problem >Any helps...
    Hung Vu Mar 26, 2007
  • http://www.upperex.com/issueArchive/2007/JanFeb07_Issue.pdf Hung.
    Hung Vu Mar 20, 2007
  • Generally, I am a very bad "green guy" (I consume more electricity/gas/beer than average), but I do practice some of of the green kiting stuff (e.g. walk or cycle to kite at local spots, car/SUV pool to remote locations, etc.) so here it is: http://kitesurfingschool.org/environment.htm Hung.
    Hung Vu Mar 19, 2007
  • The new kite energy page is at http://kitesurfingschool.org/kiteenergy.htm Please let me know of any other kite energy products or info would you like to add or any kite energy products you can buy today. Hung.
    Hung Vu Mar 19, 2007
  • I asked myself this question last night and decide to figure it out using the Kitesurfing Search Engines (including more than 500 kitesurfing sites) at http://kitesurfingschool.org/search.htm If your site is not on the Kitesurfing Search Engine, please let me know (just do a search on the site to see whether it has already been included). So I just type in the name of the site to...
    Hung Vu Feb 27, 2007
  • I went out in a blizzard today with the Waroo 5m. Made a jump, crashed and when I looked for the kite, it was straight down wind and started climbing up across the power zone. I quickly let go of the bar and expected the kite to pull me somewhat. Nothing! The kite just sort of "moved" across the power zone and barely pulled me even 1 inch. Now that is depowering and I assumed all...
    Hung Vu Feb 15, 2007
  • I have updated the home page of http://kitesurfingschool.org and the Link page http://kitesurfingschool.org/kitesurfinglinks.htm and the School page http://kitesurfingschool.org/schools.htm to have a link preview feature from Snap. Go to any one of those pages and move your mouse over any link on the page, a pre-view of the linked web site will be shown. This way, you can briefly...
    Hung Vu Feb 8, 2007