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  • You sound like me (ex-cali surfer kitesurfing to stay wet.) I am up in Wilmington, DE. If you haven't already, take some lessons. I am really only one step up the learning curve from you, I flew a foil, tried to start on the water myself then had lessons, and am now just starting in the water for real. There is a group for kiters in this area and some are in Annapolis http://groups...
    annagraceamelia Nov 1, 2002
  • David is right on with his 3rd line information and his info generalizes pretty well to all 3 line foils I am familiar with. For safety purposes, I test the position of the stopper knot before going out by dropping the bar and making sure the kite depowers fully and drops. This safety system is really an advantage of foils and makes solo launching /landing much safer (In no way do...
    annagraceamelia May 24, 2002
  • Always tension the third line, not the flying lines. In either situation wrap the third line around the bar a couple of times (~10ft.) then start wrapping all three until you get to the kite. Then swim/walk in. --- In ksurfschool@^$1.., "jimshoedj" wrote: > > Hi, > I am flying a three-line F-one ramfoil (Shadow 7) and I am confused > regarding the best (i.e. safest) way to get my...
    annagraceamelia May 21, 2002
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  • Thanks all. I think I'll investigate the sand angle. The last successful flight ended with a partial submerge and waterlogging in some murky water. The kite is a superfly.
    annagraceamelia May 17, 2002
  • I have a 6M closed cell foil that flew fine last summer/fall. When I got it out this spring something has gone wrong. After I put a little air in it and launch it doesn't fill the rest of the way while I fly it. The trailing edge flaps a lot. There are no visible holes or signs of wear. Any suggestions appreciated.
    annagraceamelia May 16, 2002