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Re: [ksurfschool] Ryan

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    In a message dated 12/24/00 6:06:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, fishersfort@attglobal.net writes:
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      In a message dated 12/24/00 6:06:34 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      fishersfort@... writes:

      << When
      you are super powered and riding in the chicken loop, the front lines see
      most of the load, so 300 pound lines will not work. >>

      Agreed, on both points.

      << During normal conditions
      the rear lines see most of the load. >>

      That must depend on what you call "normal". I "normally" would prefer to
      ride powered up enough that there is quite a bit less load on the back lines,
      although since I SOMETIMES have the front lines slack, I still must use 600lb
      Q-Powers all the way around.

      << If the font lines are adjusted with a lot of line slack, then
      the kite will not perform very well and it will drag you downwind. >>

      I think this is also governed by personal preference, since I frequently
      extend my riding time (low wind range) by riding with the front lines slack.
      As long as I'm powered up (which is a lot more likely if the front lines ARE
      slack) & don't need to work the kite up & down, it works fine. I do this on
      both my 7.5 & 13.5, & it makes the kite VERY unresponsive, but I've never had
      it drag me downwind.

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