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Tip9: In praise of 3 line Foil kites

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  • Chris Glazier
    [these testimonials found at Concept Air website - who sell these foil kites] http://www.conceptair.com/english/english.htm [also note that the new Windtools
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      [these testimonials found at Concept Air website - who sell these
      foil kites]

      [also note that the new Windtools Stamos is another new foil kite
      that may be comparable]

      Kenny, 21-06-2000
      Another kite to consider is the 3-line Concept Air New Wave 9.3.
      This kite will fly in very little wind, pulls like a horse and
      relaunches much easier than any of my Naish Kites, including the 2
      line models. It also comes with an excellent AirRush Control Bar.

      Hola Michel,

      I have to tell you that people are very impressed with the
      performance of the New Wave. It is so powerful, stable and reliable
      that we consider it as the best water foil available in today's
      market. The inflation time is almost instantly. The water
      relauchability is also instantly; just pull the center line it goes
      reverse and is up again. The recovery takes seconds to do in
      comparison with single skin kites that take longer (4 min. sometimes
      more). We have tested it's flotation ability and found that it can be
      on water for more than 40 minutes and RELAUNCH!!! Not bad for a foil.
      The trimmer system is also an excellent tool in which you can power
      up and depower the kite while you are riding. I rate this kite A+.
      Keep up the excellent job guys.

      Colin, 06-09-2000

      4.1, 6.3, 9.3 Concept Air New Waves

      - STABLE - A bit slow to turn and in flight
      - 100% relaunchability so far with all kites. The 9.3 relaunched when
      AR5's could not take off from the beach due to "holes" in the wind
      - The biggest asset was the ability to surf with these kites in very
      unstable wind. When the Naish kites would fall all over the place,
      the CA's would hold and just sit or "coast" through. It was very
      reasurring. In my opinion these kites are the best on the market for
      - I was getting some really nice big floaty jumps with the 6.3 near
      the end of my trip. Still getting the hang of it. MASSIVE (often
      scary) jumps with the 4.1 in 30 knots.
      - Ability to self launch and land was great although landing was
      about 10 times harder than launching. The main problem was when
      extremely powered (25+ knots with the 6.3) Usually I could bring the
      kite down at the edge of the window and then quickly wrap a couple
      lengths of brake around the bar winders... with the kite sitting on
      the sand with brake on.. I would wedge the bar into the sand as far
      as possbile and then run to the kite. On the water if you need to
      pack in an overpowered kite because you're downwind and need to start
      swimming or you lose your board etc. the best (though most crude) way
      to wind the lines was to land the kite trailing edge down and wrap
      brake around the bar winders. Then pull for a minute to suck water
      into the kite to help ensure that it stays down. (really!) Next wind
      the lines in as usual and roll up the kite etc.
      - I let a more experienced foil rider try the kites and he loved
      them. He was jumping VERY well with the 6.3 and had an interesting
      trick which he claime to add about 10 feet of vert. to his jumps. He
      was on a small directional. He loads the rail very hard as normal and
      instead of sending the kite back and jumping as usual he "pulls the
      trigger" VERY fast and counts "1 one thousand" while continuing to
      load the rail.(just like that, ha!) As soon as the count is over, he
      pulls the kite forward again while releasing his edge and springing
      hard. He was doing all his jumps hooked in. I'm not really ready for
      this yet but for you advanced guys should try it out at least.

      Kind Regards
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