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Re: [ksurfschool] Tip6: Learning curve

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    In a message dated 00-12-02 00:51:07 EST, hungvu@netcom.ca writes:
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 2, 2000
      In a message dated 00-12-02 00:51:07 EST, hungvu@... writes:

      << Back in 1998, it took me 40 sessions to learn how to jibe and go
      upwind. Average 2 hours per session, would yield around 80 hours. >>

      In 1999 after LOTS of kite practice on land (30+hours) it took me one session
      body-dragging, one session attempting to waterstart, & 5 sessions riding off
      the wind (probably all under 2 hours each), to learn to go upwind. After 4
      sessions of riding upwind, I could plane out of most of my jibes. Average 2
      hours per session, would yield around 52 hours, including land practice.

      << I was all by myself and I had no clue of what to do nor
      expect and the equipment was not as good as it now is. >>

      My local "role models" included a guy who walked/swam back MILES, for MONTHS,
      & a couple of others who got their kites before me, got minimal land practice
      before hitting the water, & after my first week on the board, they were
      asking me for tips! I had no instruction, & similar gear I'm sure (only one
      year later), but I had the great benefit of the e-group (reading EVERY post
      at first) Hung's own comprehensive "school" website, & Ken Winner's video. I
      windsurfed for 20 years. This may have helped more than I used to admit,
      until after I read a WindSport article by Ken Winner mentioning numerous
      points, each of which would have helped me at least a little (comfort in the
      water, knowing wind & weather, similarities in equipment choices,
      understanding balance, power, & riding stance, etc.)

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