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Re: [ksurfschool] Texas

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  • paul menta
    go to www.kitesurftheearth.com click on texas,maps will be up next week! Paul ... From: nikgoodchild@hotmail.com Reply-To: ksurfschool@egroups.com To:
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      go to www.kitesurftheearth.com click on texas,maps will be up next week!

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      I am thinking about visiting Texas for 2 weeks in Febuary next year.
      Staying near to Houston. Does anyone know if there are any
      windsurfing or kitesurfing hire centres around in the area? Does
      anyone kitesurf/windsurf around the area and have any info on what
      beaches to sail from etc. Also any ideas where i can find out more
      info, what the wind is like that time of year etc. I have not been to
      Texas before so any help would be appreciated.



      email: nikgoodchild@...

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