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Re: [ksurfschool] Water Starting (Help Please)

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  • Martyn_Gilson-1@sbphrd.com
    These are problems that are the norm. If the beach allows, don t bother even trying to go upwind, just go out to sea, then back in. Then take a few good
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 6, 2000
      These are problems that are the norm.

      If the beach allows, don't bother even trying to go upwind, just go out to sea,
      then back in. Then take a few good breaths for the walk back up the beach.
      Before going upwind one has to practice getting constant power from the kite,
      only then can you start concentrating on pointing the board upwind. It's the
      downwind/upwind angle that comes with practice, just like going upwind on a
      windsurfer, there is a most efficient angle which varies according to power in
      the sail and sailor's technique. There are a lot of similarities with
      windsurfing, especially in light winds. Bear off to get on the plane then angle
      the board upwind.

      Regarding the leash, instead of attaching it to your foot, try to attach it to
      your harness. You may have to make some webbing with a stainless steel ring
      that you can slip on to a secure attachment on your harness. Then convert your
      leash on your board to take a hook (make sure that there is a strong spring in
      the hook, otherwise the leash might tangle around your body and clip back into
      the hook). Just clip it on to the ring- simple. You can buy all this stuff in
      a sailing shop.

      It is a lot easier than messing around with the Velcro ankle strap and makes
      grabbing the leash easier in the water as it is not as far from your hand.

      It works for some people, but most people just put up with the messing around
      until they improve their technique and it becomes easier.

      pmenta@... on 03-Nov-2000 14:29

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      Collin,practice on the beach sitting down like you are water starting.with
      the kite in nuetral,turn it down to the side you are going and quickly turn
      it up to stand your self up. It is the turn up that rises you up.this
      timeing is very important and is usally most of the problem when i teach
      people to water start,check out our on line school www.kitesurftheearth.com
      and feel free to ask any other questions.
      buenos suerte!


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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Water Starting (Help Please)
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      Hi all,

      As far as kite surfing goes I am a beginner, however I have been a
      proficient windsurfer for over ten years and therefore understand the water
      start technique for windsurfing. How much is this different for kitesurfing?

      I am looking for any advice regarding water starting a kite board.

      I have mastered the kite by flying on the beach is various wind conditions
      over the last couple of months, and been body dragging in the water without
      my board for the last couple of weeks. Last weekend I tried for the first
      time with the board in the water and had problems getting on to the board.

      Problems encountered.


      Board = Fanatic 7' 00"
      Kite = Concept Air New Wave 6.3 in standard two line
      mode. (With brake line/safety leach)

      (1) Pointing upwind to much and then the power in the kite pulling me
      over the top of the board.
      (2) Pointing to much down wind and then once on the board stalling and
      dropping off the plane and dropping into the water.
      (3) Getting tangled in the safety leash. That is strapped to my least
      dominant leg. Question, is it better to strap the leash to my nappy harness,
      or will this cause problems.

      Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

      Regards Colin.
      Barcelona Spain.

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