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RE: [ksurfschool] Trainer Kites/Getting Started

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  • kiteboard@aol.com
    From: kenny@rhodesbread.com (Farnsworth, Kenny)
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 18, 2000
      From: kenny@... (Farnsworth, Kenny)

      << Since you live in Denver, you should plan on getting a big 4 line kite. I
      live in SLC and I used a Naish 15.5 90% of the time because we don't have
      the strong, consistent wind that people living along the ocean front receive
      every day. A 4 line kite is great for handling gusty inland wind. >>

      That is a 4 line INFLATABLE kite.

      The first mulit-line kite I ever flew was a Wipika 3.5 & it was no problem
      for me to learn to steer, but then I used to fly control-line model aircraft,
      which steer very similarly. I think you need to crash any kite a few times
      when new, just to learn where its limits are. If you do it over the water
      (body drag out if needed) the kite shouldn't be damaged.

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