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  • Hung Vu
    Hope this is as good as the Pyro Dry Suit. Hung. ... Subject: World s First Surfing Drysuit! Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 18:00:03 -0800 From: Ocean Rodeo
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2007
      Hope this is as good as the Pyro Dry Suit.


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      Subject: World's First Surfing Drysuit!
      Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 18:00:03 -0800
      From: Ocean Rodeo <sales@...>
      To: Hung Vu <hungvu2000@...>

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      Ocean Rodeo Introduces the world's first SURFING DRY SUIT!
      The World's First Surfing Drysuit; The Pyro Surf!
      Victoria BC - January 15, 2007 - Ocean Rodeo Sports the world leader
      in extreme watersports drysuits proudly introduces the world's first
      surfing drysuit! Incorporating revolutionary Dry Core ^(TM) technology,
      this dual layer Surfing Drysuit sets a new standard in cold water
      surfing performance.
      Dry Core technology is based on patented dual membrane technology. A
      form fitting outer stretch layer delivers a wrinkle free streamlined
      surface for fast swimming and incredible mobility, while at the same
      time offering abrasion protection to the inner Dry Core. Built with
      time tested polyurethane coated nylon, latex neck, wrist and ankle
      seals Dry Core is sealed closed with a dive grade dry suit zipper
      guaranteed to keep the water out. With the two layers working in
      unison, the stretchable outer layer regulates trapped air from within
      the dry core, allowing for easy duck dives and fast swimming.
      At less than .05mm thick and made of two independent layers, this suit
      offers an unlimited range of motion unparalleled by any traditional
      neoprene suit now available. Almost completely eliminating any wetsuit
      related resistance from thick restrictive neoprene.
      Dry Core Suits, worn with the appropriate thermal undergarment, are
      half the weight of wetsuits designed for similar water conditions.
      Lighter weight results in less use of energy and greater performance.
      Dry Core Technology provides a dry barrier against the elements. What
      you wear under the dry layer keeps you warm! Think snowboarding or
      skiing, you match your undergarment to the conditions you will be
      The Dry Core bladder will not absorb water. When wearing a wetsuit,
      second sessions are ruined by the torture of suiting up again in a
      heavy, wet and cold wetsuit. With Dry Core just shake the dry suit a
      few times and go. Feels like your first time every time!
      The two layers of Dry Core easily separate for servicing by means of
      Velcro fastening strips found at the wrists, ankles and zipper.
      Dry Core Technology eliminates the cold freeze, chill, restriction and
      excess buoyancy found with traditional cold water neoprene wetsuits.
      Rigorously tested in the frigid waters off the coast of Vancouver
      Island BC, Canada it's safe to say cold water surfing will never be
      the same again.

      For more information


      250-544-4969, or
      N.A. Toll Free 888-544-4969

      Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc.,
      6820 Kirkpatrick Crescent
      Saanichton, BC V8M 1Z9

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