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Kite Wind-O-Gram From the FKA!

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  • Rick Iossi
    Happy New Year to one and all from the FKA. We re enjoying a particularly good wind season so far in Southern Florida and hope your getting plenty of quality
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2007
      Happy New Year to one and all from the FKA. We're enjoying a particularly
      good wind season so far in Southern Florida and hope your getting plenty of
      quality wind time wherever you call home.

      There is lots of news including the website's new look ...

      - Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion Returns - Jan. 26, 27 & 28 '07
      The legend is back for year four. Hope for insane waves and wind yet again.

      - 2nd Annual Kite Bash In Melbourne, FL!!!
      AJ and Kitetricity and bringing this event back for year II!

      - Winter Riding Conditions in Florida
      Thinking about a kiting trip to Florida, look into this to help in your

      - XRated Xtreme Race- Jupiter to Ft Laud. IS HISTORY!- Results
      - Blasting Down To Ft. Lauderdale, WHAT Do You Remember???
      - 60 Miles of Madness video
      - Kent's EXCELLENT Adventure, (after the race!)
      49 riders set out to make history and they did! Plus, that had a blast in
      the undertaking. Lots of stories and images to look over.

      - A message from Claudio Silva, Kiting Accident Survivor
      Claudio lets us know how he is doing and provides some images.

      - Warning
      An IMPORTANT precaution dealing with flat kite maintenance. All riders
      should read this.

      - Brazilian Bikini Beach Calendar !!!
      Rick aims his camera at something different, not fish, snow covered
      mountains or sunsets but models in bikinis? Yup, true story.

      - Near Fatal Lofting - Jupiter, FL, USA
      A very serious accident with a miraculous outcome

      - 60 MILE DOWNWINDER PRE-RACE, 33 mph, 15 ft. seas!!!
      It was just a race preview but it was INTENSE. Playing dodge 'em with
      ragged heavy seas in strong wind conditions mile after mile down the coast.
      Lots of images, check it out.

      - The Flats of Miami & Ty Luckett's Magical Pole Boat !!!
      Explore this huge flat water paradise right offshore from cosmopolitan

      and more at:


      - Tampa Bay Kitemasters Race
      The race is now history and what a blast it was! Tons and stories and
      photos came out of this fun event.


      - Florida Trip, Stay Put Or Do a Grand Tour?
      Links and lots of info to shops, schools, weather, etc. around the state
      along with other aids to riders on the road. Why not see it all, or a good
      part of it anyway?


      - Kitesurfers rescure 6 kids in an outrigger canoe.
      Just one more in a growing list of excellent rescues performed by kiters
      worldwide. Guys we can take pride in our own, stepping out empowered by
      strong watermanship skills to help others. Way to Go!


      a great deal more, this just touches on the hundreds of Florida kiting
      topics at the site. So come on down the wind and water are fine!


      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi
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