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Winter Florida Kiteboarding News!!!

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  • Rick Iossi
    It is great to have all these cold front winds to play with. Who would have thought those smaller kites would come in so handy. Here are some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2006
      It is great to have all these cold front winds to play with. Who would have
      thought those smaller kites would come in so handy. Here are some of the
      developments on the FKSA.org website:

      The photos are in and the FIRST (of a few) articles is up. Waves and wind,
      life is good, dial in to see just how good.

      This is the first west coast event in over four years but it is a good one.
      Part I, the Boardercross was completed last weekend in strong winds. Lots
      of interesting images came out of it and appear in a couple of articles.

      BE SURE to checkout the great action video clips from the Jupiter and Tampa
      events at: http://kiteflix.com/ Nobody does it better than George, well
      maybe James Bond, but he uses a juried foil!?

      Is scheduled for TOMORROW! This may even become a regular event from what
      Neil tells me. Tune in and see what is going on.

      - History of Safety in Kiteboarding and tips on Florida Riding
      Ryan of ASNEWS.NET interviews yours truly in Podcast # 19 about the history
      of safety in kiteboarding, why I bother with this stuff and some comments
      about riding around Florida

      The latest and greatest from the video gnomes of Kiteflix.com. George has
      out done himself with the talents of Dimitri going off on the water and in
      his sons electric toy jeep on impressive road trips. Stay tuned and
      illustrated review is in the works. Buy your copy at: http://kiteflix.com/

      - Islamorada Invitational
      NOT for the Fifth year, sad to say unless ...

      - Winter Riding Conditions in Florida
      Thinking about a trip to Florida or to a new launch in the state? Be sure
      to stop by here and check things out.

      and a great deal more at:

      AND ...

      - Watersboards IS LOOKING for team riders
      Nice boards, check 'em out and see what Lloyd has to say
      and more at:

      AND ...

      Thinking about a trip to the Bahamas?
      Talk to AJ and the gang, the guys that live, work and ride there at ...

      AND ...

      Tired of reefs, need more vegetables in your diving diet?
      Checkout the underwater kelp forests of Catalina Island, California in Off
      Topic Extreme ..

      Do you have news about how riding has been, upcoming or past events, great
      sessions, guys who are really ripping, access concerns, ideas, questions ...

      Tell us here, at http://fksa.org/

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi

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