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Stance.....not the magazine.

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  • ex_cpe
    I m goona bug the hell outta this getting upwind stuff.. We all know that: You end up where you are looking. Whether it s riding a horse, MTB,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2005
      I'm goona bug the hell outta this 'getting upwind' stuff..

      We all know that: "You end up where you are looking." Whether it's riding a horse, MTB,
      surfboard..almost 'whatever': keep your head up and look where you want to go. By
      extension, your shoulders and torso follow your head. ...but on a kiteboard your feet/legs
      can take a couple of positions.

      I have seen people with their feet 'duck' (somewhat square on the board) twisting at the
      waist but mostly vertical not leaning forward (god forbid) or back. The other stance is the
      natural stance you'd have on a 3-strap directional - where the rear leg is bent and
      somewhat tucked under your butt and the forward leg is kept quite straight and your torso
      leans back.

      Which seems to work better for you - when/why?

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