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SV: Re: [ksurfschool] two of two: Speed..

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  • ex_cpe
    ... ......................Jakob: You may have something there. I remember looking at the board and saw Jaime Pro with a lot of busy graphics, but did not
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 8, 2005
      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, jakob Thegerström <jakobjth@y...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > The ansver may be a concave board. More and more of
      > the new boards got a lot of concave in the design. I
      > recently bought one myself and had to adapt my riding
      > tech to it:
      > 1 - you don't have to edge as much as with a
      > "conventional" flat board, so you can have lower board
      > angle and still going upwind. It increases the low end
      > of kitesurfing and also upwind capabilities.
      > 2 - Due to the concave shape you can use shorter fins
      > on these boards and thus it increases the speed (my
      > concave board got 3cm fins, on my "normal" flat boards
      > I use 5cm fins...) Despite shorter fins the concave
      > bord got better grip, upwind and general
      > performance...
      > Optimal kite angle for going upwind depends a lot on
      > the kite and wind condition. 45-50 deg is a good bet
      > for optimal angle with most kites. If you put the kite
      > too low it normally pulls you downwind but the higher
      > AR of the kite the lower you can have it. With the
      > flysurfer speed (extremely high AR) many people advise
      > to fly it low in the window...
      > /Jakob
      ......................Jakob: You may have something there. I remember looking at the board
      and saw "Jaime Pro" with a lot of busy graphics, but did not see the brand. His kite is an
      06 North Rhino. It was just so unusual that this particualr person was so much faster.

      He may also simply be able to hold more kite than the rest of us. I can fly both high and
      low and sometimes like to scare myself with a directional on a beam reach with the kite
      right down on the deck.

      > --- George Sarris <jakefarley2000@y...> skrev:
      > ---------------------------------
      > I would think that the faster your board speed, the
      > harder it would be to go upwind. It's the same
      > principle as in sailing - to go faster you have to
      > bear off the wind. If you go slower, you can point
      > higher upwind, if you have sufficient wind to stay on
      > a plane. Also, the higher aspect ratio kites seem to
      > go upwind better. I personally prefer the "high mode"
      > at 10 o'clock to go upwind as it is far more relaxing
      > as long as you are not overpowered and can keep an
      > edge.
      > George

      ................I generally agree with your George, but this guy hauls ass upwind seemingly as
      easily as those who use the traditional method of high-and-slow. Maybe he takes longer
      tacks and along with the speed get's there in about the same time?! Don't know... I'll
      watch him closer next time because there's something he does I'd like to bottle for myself.

      Cheers all.

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