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Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Shorter .vs. longer line length

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  • jakob Thegerström
    I also tried 15m (doubled 30m) on my wipika free air some months ago. I wouldn t say it was safer... The kite was very fast and unpredicteble... sometimes
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2004
      I also tried 15m (doubled 30m) on my wipika free air
      some months ago. I wouldn't say it was safer... The
      kite was very fast and unpredicteble... sometimes
      wanting to fly into the powerzone... so I would say it
      depends on the kite if you can use really short lines
      (20-30m can be used by any kites, but 4-20m with
      tubes? ... I don't think mainy tubes are designed for
      this?! Then you use shorter lines you'll change the
      aperture of the tube kite and hence that could make it
      unstable... with foil kites you don't have this
      problem so there I would agree that you can use
      0-whatever line lenght...)
      trying to sell 0-30m lines to beginners to use with
      ANY kite and claiming it's more safe is to my opinion
      not serious and not safe.
      And what can you do with 10m lines? It'll be like
      1000x more difficult going upwind and 100x more
      difficult to waterstart unless you don't have 20+
      If the goal is to learn control of the kite it's much
      safer to get a trainer kite...


      --- Lynita <lynita_howie@...> skrev:

      I often use 15m line (30m lines doubled over) for a
      first lesson.
      They are great to teach all the kite skills up to body
      dragging. The
      only downfall is if you get a nasty tangle when
      practicing throwing
      the bar and retrieving the kite for a water relaunch.

      1. It makes the wind window 1/3 the size - safer when
      there are other
      beach users and less dist for me to cover if I have to
      help them
      relaunch the kite.

      2. It reduces the lift when a std flies the kite too
      fast, unaware of
      the power it can generate. This reduces std fear of
      the kite (it
      doesn't pull so hard so the don't get freaked out).

      3. Kite reaction time is quicker.

      For the 2nd lesson (getting on the board) ideally I
      use 20m, or 30m
      if the wind is lighter. By now the std has a good
      understanding of
      how to fly the kite (ie. push/pull rather than
      twisting the bar like
      a car steering wheel). This is when the student needs
      to feel lift
      of a faster moving kite, and needs the lift to stand
      up on the board.

      (-: happy kiting ppl. Lynita

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