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What non-kiters (or your city councils) think...

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  • Hung Vu
    I read the windsurfer blown into tree, then car? thread in rec.windsurfing and found some very intersting comments from the non-kiters (could very well from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2004
      I read the "windsurfer blown into tree, then car?" thread in
      rec.windsurfing and found some very intersting comments from the
      non-kiters (could very well from your city councils):

      "If what people have been saying about kitesurfing bans come true, let's
      hope that legislators aren't quite as inept as the reporter who appears
      to have mistaken a kitesurfer for a windsurfer."

      "Excuse the dumb question but, Does this mean kitesailors do not have a
      way of "sheeting out", depowering their kites once they are launched?
      I'm surprised no one has designed one that could."

      "They have some control, but as long as they are holding on to the kite,
      it's much less than a windsurfer would have over a sail. Once they get
      launched, they are supposed to have quick released to detach from the
      kite, but some types of safety/quick released actually become stuck, if
      you pull hard enough on them, which is what happens when a kite launches
      you up in the air and carries you away.
      Also, when you are 5 meters up or higher, there's a tendency to "hope
      for the best" and "ride it out". If you pull the release, the kite may
      blow away a long distance and wreak havoc where it lands and you end up
      falling down. I think in many cases people have been unable to actually
      make the decision fast enough."

      "I don't understand why kite manufacturers can't fix this. All you need
      is a system where you have one line in the middle, and a way to rig the
      4 normal lines so that a gust will lengthen them considerably. This will
      turn the kite "inside out" and completely depower it. Of course you'd
      have a way to hold on to the 4 outer lines, if you have enough muscle
      and are ready for it. That way, if you are in control, you can use gusts
      for jumps etc. If you are not, the kite depowers. This is basically what
      happens with Windsurfing."

      " There didn't seem to be as many bad accident with the two line kites.
      You didn't hook into the chicken loop when you launched the kite. course
      there were less people kiteing when there were only two line kites and
      that could also be the reason for less accidents. When the four lines
      kites arrived things changed. everyone i see now hooks into the chicken
      loop then launchs. So you are almost never unhooked. If you get yanked,
      its almost always face down. dragging through the water or accross the
      land face down. dosen't seem to me it would be very easy to reach to
      your belly and pull a quick release. almost all kite flyers i talk to
      say you have a better chance of getting control of the kite, than going
      for the quick release. like the guy in the tree. got down, still hooked
      in, yanked again.
      I would think that if you unhooked when you are launching or comming in,
      there would be half as many accidents. if your not hooked in all you
      have to do is let go."

      Personally, I think the comment "I don't understand why kite manufacturers can't fix this" as excellent as I DO have similar question and probably from many city councils worldwide ("why can't the kite manufacturers eliminate these accidents as it SOUNDS TRIVIAL to non-kiters ...")


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