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First lesson report (was Safe kite size to fly on land?)

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  • Chris Glazier
    Nice report John. It sounds like a successful first lesson. Good luck and have fun. Chris G. ... water ... and ... time. ... it ... as ... snowboarding ...
    Message 1 of 11 , May 23, 2004
      Nice report John. It sounds like a successful first lesson. Good
      luck and have fun.
      Chris G.

      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "John F. Kim" <jcasekim@y...>
      > First, big thanks to Chris, George, Sara, Andre, Iain, and
      > flkitesurfer for responding to my questions. Very helpful!
      > Second, I took my first water lesson yesterday, and while I
      > wasn't quite able to get the water start down, I did get my upwind
      > body dragging down and felt pretty good about steering the kite.
      > Even when I got lost control of the kite, got hauled out of the
      > (not very high) and skipped across the water (both right side up
      > upside down), I was able to keep the kite flying most of the
      > Crashing it on leading edge about 4 times, was able to re-launch
      > fairly easily each time with the Recon system.
      > Quick summary of conditions:
      > --San Francisco Bay, Alameda, 5:30pm PDT
      > --About one mile NorthWest of Alameda beach with Waverunner support
      > --Cabrinha Access 9m 4-line LEI kite with 20 or 25m lines
      > --45 or 48cm Cabrinha bar with PowerLock and Recon system
      > --4/3 wetsuit, porous gloves, PFD, Pro-Tec WakePro helmet, seat
      > harness was XL (ProLimit?), which turned out to be too big.
      > --Wind speed average 15mph, gusts up to 22 mph; chop 6"-18"
      > --Cabrinha twintip board, 158cm, model unknown, sandal bindings
      > --Experienced kiters were using 11m and 12m kites, later 14m kites
      > wind died down.
      > --Student is 195 lbs with some surfing, windsurfing and
      > experience but no previous water kiting experience.
      > --Lesson from www.kitewindsurf.com (good guys, and gals)
      > Based on this one water lesson I have concluded...
      > --I do not want to fly my 9m LEI kite on land in 15mph winds
      > it could hauled me around in a gust
      > --I need to learn to re-launch kite without using Recon system (by
      > swimming towards the kite)
      > --Recon emergency depower system great if you are concious
      > --Waverunner/jetski support very helpful, may increase lesson cost
      > --Basic kite easier than expected (trainer practice helps)
      > --Skillful kite flying harder than expected
      > --Body dragging upwind easier than expected for me
      > --Waterstarting harder than expected for me (was very much like
      > one time I tried wakeboarding)
      > --Getting hauled out of water by kite quite fun (nothing dangerous
      > downwind) except when leads to swallowing seawater
      > --Cabrinha PowerLock great except easy to engage by mistake, takes
      > active thought to disengage it (surely becomes intuitive with
      > practice)
      > --Having leash that allows bar spinning is very nice for
      > lines (my own bar leash wrist safety does not allow easy bar
      > --I'm really close to being able to waterstart, I think...
      > As advised by several people, at this point buying a larger foil
      > just to practice with on land for kitesurfing no longer makes
      > for me. I will still enjoy flying my 1m foil for fun and may buy
      > 2m foil kite as a recreational kite, but unless I get into
      > or kitebuggying or mountain boards, I need to practice with the
      > kite on (or at least near) the water.
      > First hand safety system experience. On my last attempt to
      > waterstart, I lost control of the kite and dove it through
      > the power window. As happened several times, I got hauled out of
      > then along the water, but this time my harness slipped down around
      > legs and the chicken loop donkey dick came out of the hook,
      > me from the kite and sheeting it out to full power. I had kite
      > to neutral but was hanging onto the bar only and being dragged
      > slowly. I kicked off the harness but didn't want to let go of bar
      > because then we'd have a runaway kite. Instructor advised
      > Recon safety which depowered kite about 85% and it slowly landed,
      > where it retained 5 to 15% power depending which way it was
      > flapping. I slowly wound in the lines then practiced self-rescue
      > with the kite.
      > In retrospect I should have pulled in the sheeting system to see
      > that reduced power enough for me to comfortably hang onto the
      > but even then I could not have reattached the chicken loop because
      > had no more harness! Instructor picked up harness and board, we
      > wrapped up kite and called it a day.
      > I tried once to re-launch the crashed kite without using Recon,
      > it didn't work. I think I didn't swim hard enough towards the
      > to make it flip over on its back. Actually in a few cases it
      > on its side and I was able to relaunch it just using the bar.
      > All in all a great experience and I certainly would recommend
      > KiteWindSurf if you are looking for lessons in the San Francisco
      > area.
      > --John Kim
      > --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "John F. Kim" <jcasekim@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > Hello KiteSchool... Five questions. Feel free to answer just
      > or
      > > two--don't need to try to answer all 5!
      > >
      > > 1) What is the maximum LEI kite size that is safe to fly on
      > > I'd like to do some land practice and it's not always easy for
      > to
      > > get to the beach for practice. I weigh 195 lbs (about 87 kilos)
      > and
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