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Re: [ksurfschool] Re: Cabrinha 2001 Black tip bladder--patch, replace, or give up?

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  • Raul F Argilagos
    John, The 2001 7m BT is actually a very good kite. Nothing wrong with it at all except for your bladders. immediately take them out of the kite. I know it
    Message 1 of 4 , May 12, 2004
      The 2001 7m BT is actually a very good kite. Nothing wrong with it at all
      except for your bladders. immediately take them out of the kite.
      I know it sounds harsh but you cannot fix them. that will keep you from
      more time fixing them.

      bladders for 2001 kites are not available from cabrinha
      nor from any dealers at all. nobody stocks 2001 bladders period.

      your only options to get the kite in the air are airtime bladders
      or else find similarly sized bladders from another kite. just lay them on
      top of
      each other and pick the one closest in size. exact match is not
      important, these
      bladders are elastic and expand to fit the strut.

      On Tue, 11 May 2004 06:34:38 -0000 "John F. Kim" <jcasekim@...>
      > Chris (or anyone else),
      > Thanks for the advice. Do you think there any chance I could push
      > Cabrinha into sending me a replacement bladder set or buying me a
      > new
      > set? I contacted Cabrinha support already and they just replied
      > saying my kite is out of warranty, contact my local Cabrinha dealer.
      > But I heard of other people with 2001 Cabrinha kites getting whole
      > new replacement bladder sets from Cabrinha.
      > But I'm pissed off because he specifically said all the bladders
      > were
      > fine. Given that the bladder material is faulty, is there anything
      > that could put dozens of tiny holes in the bladders all at once,
      > like
      > folding up the kite incorrectly or crashing it? Maybe jumping up
      > and
      > down on it? Or do the faulty bladders just fail by themselves for
      > no
      > particular reason?
      > I can't fault the seller if the kite is not a good performer, as he
      > made no promises in that area. I just should have read the
      > kite-surf
      > reviews before buying this kite. The 7m does seem to have the best
      > ratings of the 2001 BT kites, though nothing like the ratings for
      > the
      > 2003 BT models. Do you know if this kite can have the wingtips
      > upgraded to improve performance or is that just a stupid pipe
      > dream?
      > Now I wonder what happens if a bladder fails while out on the water.
      > I'll ask that in another question.
      > --John Kim
      > --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Glazier" <cglazier@c...>
      > wrote:
      > > John
      > > The 2001 Cabrinha BT used faulty bladder material. All your
      > bladders
      > > must be replaced. Unfortunately the 2001 Black Tip was not a very
      > > good performing kite so it certainly is not worth buying a new
      > > bladder set for it. Sorry, but thats the bad news.
      > >
      > > Chris Glazier
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "John F. Kim" <jcasekim@y...>
      > > wrote:
      > > > I bought a used 2001 Cabrinha Black Tip 7m kite on eBay and found
      > > all
      > > > the strut bladders leaking badly and at least one leak in the
      > > leading
      > > > edge bladder. I patched 4 of the struts with many patches
      > (maybe
      > > 30
      > > > patches for the 4 struts?) and now 3 of them hold air well
      > enough
      > > to
      > > > kite, I think. One needs more patches and I haven't tackled the
      > > > longest center strut or the leading edge yet. Reading on
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