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Whats happening at AKSA - AGM next week

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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    The letter below is a copy of a response by me to questions asked by WAKSA today. This will be one of the last e-mails sent from myself as assistant secretary
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2004
      The letter below is a copy of a response by me to questions asked by WAKSA today.

      This will be one of the last e-mails sent from myself as assistant secretary on the current AKSA committee. The AKSA AGM is next Tuesday 27th of April at Georges River Sailing Club, Sanoni Ave, Sans Souci. None of the existing committee are standing for re-election.
      I had nominated but have withdrawn my nomination. I will be assisting the new committee to take on their roles as smoothly as possible.

      Certain people who have nominated to be on the new committee have told me plainly that they feel I am a negative influence on AKSA, and that they do not want me to be involved in AKSA now or in the future.
      I totally disagree with this assertion, and certain other accusations not worth mentioning. I founded AKSA with my own money, I made sure that all the members funds were not frittered away, and have spent a fortune assisting AKSA both in time and donated airfares, postage and phone calls. So has Greg Johns (owner of Wingenuity) through the support of Bill Jocelin's wages.
      Ian Young needs to be remembered as a strong influence at the beginning of AKSA, as do the efforts of Darren Marshall, the inaugural AKSA President and Paul Crawford.

      I suggest all State Associations liase regularly with the new AKSA committee and voice your concerns and needs to them, and work with them to ensure positive outcomes for the States, AKSA, and the great sport of Kiteboarding/surfing.

      Do not hesitate to contact me for assistance with any matters that I have had an ongoing relationship to, like meetings with Waterways Authorities, or Lifeguards, etc.

      There is $46,000.00+ in the AKSA bank a/c, and certainly some of those funds belong to WAKSA and the other State Associations. There is no argument about it, but no-one on the current committee has taken on the task of working out what is owing to WAKSA in particular.

      The new committee will use the funds as they see fit, hopefully they will always consider what is best for all kiteboarders and the sport. If you want to voice your opinion on what they should or should not do with YOUR money, or any issue whatsoever, then get involved in your State Association, or ask for the minutes of all AKSA meetings.

      I have copied this e-mail to Bill Jocelin who has assisted AKSA to maintain a membership database. I hope Bill can easily extract the information from the database that will allow the new committee to forward WAKSA the funds that are owing to it, ASAP.

      Myself and Bill spent a lot of time enquiring with many insurers about instructor insurance, all enquiries ended without a result, basically because the legal structures that all the instructors work from all vary. Insurers tend to resist group schemes because there is more premium available by insisting on insuring all parties separately.
      I know that QBE are writing policies for individual schools, and the current AKSA PL insurer will too. Contact me for details if you need insurance for your school.

      I have copied JB (John Messenger) who worked out the allocations for the 2004 Nats at Cronulla, he will get back to you an what method was used, and I would suggest you simply use the same formula.

      Part year insurance can be arranged now as far a I am aware, it is probably best if AKSA makes a decision on that and then all states charge that fee.

      The one judge per State could be a bit messy, there are 3 clubs in Qld now, with talk of a 4th forming, what would you propose for Qld?

      Is it possible WAKSA would consider a new format for the nats, basically one or more freeride session (s), then the top dozen or so riders are picked by judges and peer(other competitors) votes, then heats held to decide the final winners.

      I strongly recommend this method, I have seen it work extremely well, and the results are very popular. Judges are not forced to sit through gruelling and boring heats, riders get to ride a lot and are not penalised by poor wind, gear failure, etc and also that women's classes get the same recognition and prizes.

      Family membership cost structure is on the AKSA website.

      Please get back to me, Bill Jocelin, or John Messenger if you need any other info, before next Wednesday, otherwise check the AKSA website for who the new committee is, where the new PO Box will be, etc.

      It has been my privilege to serve Australian Kiteboarders through AKSA, and I will do everything I can in the future to assist the sport evolve, with safety and sustainable growth.

      Cya and Goodwinds
      Steve McCormack
      Assistant Secretary

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