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Re: Graduate to kitesurfing

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  • ex_cpe
    kitesurfing will be both safe and popular. - doubt that. There s not a one of us who s not been in a period of seroius trouble a time or two. For us, the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 28, 2004
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      "kitesurfing will be both safe and popular." - doubt that.

      There's not a one of us who's not been in a period of seroius trouble a time or two.
      For us, the lucky one's, it has been while in deep water with a downwind buffer.

      "Popular" - with observers perhaps.

      Kiting certainly attracts a lot of onlookers, but most of them make comments like;
      "You'd have to be really strong."...while watching one of the better kiters in our local
      crew; a 120lbs. woman?! I suspect onlookers think kitesurfing is much more
      physically demanding than they would ever consider "fun".

      ...and, it has been my observation; the bulk of curious civilians are older, not younger.
      Perhaps it is my locale, where it appears the most energy expended by young people
      is sucking a liter of soda thru a straw in a single breath...washing down xtra-large
      fries not yet swallowed.

      Besides, who would do this if it was like sitting on a 10M pontoon boat with a 5M kite
      pulling downwind?!

      Play hard - safely.


      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Hung Vu <hungvu2000@r...> wrote:
      > Most young kids normally graduate to snowboarding after having learned
      > how to ski.
      > This trend made snowboarding as safe as skiing and more popular too!
      > We need the same "graduation model" for kitesurfing.
      > A young kid need to learn some other sports (wakeboarding,
      > skateboarding, sailing, windsurfing, etc.) before graduating to
      > kitesurfing...
      > Then, kitesurfing will be both safe and popular.
      > Hung.
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