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Re: [ksurfschool] 3m Airrush trainer -narrow wind window ?

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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    Good foil kites have excellent flight wind windows, the trainer you have is not one that I would put in the same class as a Flexifoil Bullet, or Ozone Little
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 2003
      Good foil kites have excellent flight wind windows, the "trainer" you have is not one that I would put in the same class as a Flexifoil Bullet, or Ozone Little Devil, or many other kites from companies that have been making kites for decades.
      Many kitesurfing companys are selling very poor flying foil kites as trainers, which is giving real kite companys foil kites a bad name, by association.
      Longer lines will simply make the wind window even narrower due the increased drag of the lines, on that kite. Try shorter lines around 70/80 feet, that will help the kite to fly a bit better, maybe?
      Longer lines do not give more power, only a bigger kite will do that, but it feels like you get more power with longer lines because the kite can be swooped up and down for longer on longer lines, giving a feeling of getting more power.
      Power in kites, in simple terms, comes from their size, and their speed, or the winds speed, so if you can increase any of thise 3 things, then you will get more power.
      Kites that have a narrow flight wind window are simply poorly designed kites, that is the truth.
      Cya and
      Steve McCormack

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      Subject: [ksurfschool] 3m Airrush trainer -narrow wind window ?

      Have been flying my 3m trainer with its stock kite lines ( I think
      about 100 feet long). I find the wind window very narrow and it's
      hard to work one side without sliding onto the other. I practise
      running one direction while keeping even traction on the bar then
      try the running the other way while trying to keep my eyes on the
      ground .
      Will lenghtening the lines help? I heard you can get more power this
      way, but how much can you lengthen your leader lines on such a small

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