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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    G day No you are not kidding yourself! You can do it for sure especially since you have a lot of skills with a kite, especially Revs! But, this sport can kill
    Message 1 of 16 , Aug 22, 2003
      No you are not kidding yourself! You can do it for sure especially since you have a lot of skills with a kite, especially Revs!
      But, this sport can kill you, unlike the kite flying you are used to, it is not for everyone, the forces involved are massive, and every honest kiter will admit that the kites power demands respect/fear!
      GET LESSONS, you are taking a huge risk to yourself and anyone downwind of you if you even attempt to fly a suitable sized kite without tuition. Try to get a lesson from an IKO trained instructor.
      Go to a kite shop if possible, one that was around before kiteboarding began, that has staff that kitesurf, if not go to a windsurf/kiteshop, and seek out the staff that actually kite.
      If they are casual about kite leashes, and safety shop elsewhere.
      Kites from the major brands, made since 2001, are all pretty good, and there are a lot of closeout deals around.
      Avoid buying used except from reputable shops, avoid kites that have untidy looking repairs in the bladders.
      The sport is 80%+ kite flying skill, so it does not matter one bit that you have never surfed. Wear a helmet and flotation/impact vest at all times while learning.
      Cya and
      Steve McCormack

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      From: rakolowich
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      Subject: [ksurfschool] Newbie

      I just returned from Kauai and saw this sport in its purest form for
      the first time.
      Mind you I have seen people here in the Bay Area (S.F.) participating
      too. It
      looks fantastic. I want to learn this and become good at it. Here is
      my situation
      and what I would like is advice on how to begin this persuit:

      First of all I am 54 years old. 6'1" and 220 lbs. I am not a physical
      fitness nut
      but I am also not a couch potatoe. I fly kites (on the land). I have
      about 6-8
      kites that include 2 and 4 line stunt kites, parafoils and even a
      Revolution (my
      favorite). So I know the kite flying skills well. I have not tried
      any 'traction' kites
      but my parafoils are almost identical. When I was young I was an
      waterskier. I have never been very good at surfing but given the
      conditions I can have fun.

      So I live in the SF Bay Area where there is lots of sailboarding and
      as I
      mentioned I see kiteboarders too. What recommendations can you all
      give me
      on getting started in this sport? Is there a school here or ? I
      taught myself river
      kayaking from books and visualization ( blew my instructors mind that
      I was
      able to complete my roll the first time). I also would like to
      purchase some
      equipment. I don't stay in the learning to take baby steps role for
      very long but
      I also don't need the latest Ferrari either. So I would like to find
      a set of
      equipment that will allow me to learn but to also serve a fast
      learning curve in
      skill development. Used or new? Is the equipment aging or ? I
      seeing sailboarding take off. The first boards were like tanks
      compared to
      todays boards. If I buy used equipment how far back in time can you
      without being caught driving the latest Edsel?

      So to review:

      1. Learning process.
      2. Equipment
      3. Am I kidding myself at my age?


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