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Re: [ksurfschool] Introduction

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  • adam
    Thank you VERY much for your reply. As I have said, I am in the investigative stage and will no doubt enjoy having a few friends in which I may be able to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10 7:51 PM
      Thank you VERY much for your reply. As I have said, I am in the investigative
      stage and will no doubt enjoy having a few friends in which I may be able to
      "bounce" ideas from...

      I apreciate your candor...


      kennyfarnsworth@... wrote:

      > Adam,
      > Welcome to the group! Yes, kite surfing is an amazing sport. You should
      > know up front that it will not be an inexpensive sport. You will want
      > several kites and a good board in order to be able to kite surf in a wide
      > range of conditions. There are people that get along with less expensive
      > foil kites, but they live in coastal areas with nice steady winds. I tried
      > foils, but I found for kite surfing in Utah's gusty southern winds that a 4
      > line inflatible was a must. I imagine Phoenix has similar conditions to Utah.
      > It sounds like you are an adrenaline junkie like the rest of us. I would be
      > happy to answer your questions.
      > I started kite surfing in February. I live in Salt Lake City so it was
      > brutal at first. I have had the opportunity to try a lot of equipment and I
      > can give you a good idea of what you will need to get going.
      > Lessons aren't cheap, but they are worthwhile. Before blowing them off
      > completely, I suggest calling a couple kitesurfing schools in CA. Usually,
      > the posted Internet prices are pretty steep. You can probably work a better
      > deal. A 3 day course is ideal. However, a one day course on safety is very
      > worthwhile. A wrecked kite or even worse, injuries can cost a lot more than
      > the lesson. I tried the self taught method, but after a few months I went to
      > Hawaii and took some lessons. I learned how to fly the kite safely to
      > protect myself and others. Some of my initial experiences were very scary, I
      > was lucky to come through unscathed. However, if you read the archives for
      > this egroup you will see that a lot of people were hurt doing stupid things.
      > Bottom line: learn the safety procedures before going out and flying the kite.
      > If you prefer to still go it alone, buy the video "Kiteboarding: How to Rip"
      > by Ken Winner and purchase the on-line K.I.S.S. manual. Both teach safety
      > and beginning techniques. You may also be able to find someone nearby that
      > is willing to show you the ropes.
      > So fire away with your questions. That is the purpose of this egroup.
      > Kenny
      > << Hello group,
      > My name is adam trahan and I live in Phoenix Arizona.
      > I am in the investigation phase of my kite surfing adventure. There is
      > no one in my area that is available (that I have knowledge of) who may
      > be of assistance to me in my teachings so I am to "teach myself" That
      > of which I am no stranger to the "self taught" school.
      > My experiences are as follows:
      > Skateboarding since I was 5 (I am 39)
      > Surfing since I was 17 (Baja, Southern California and 3 years living on
      > the N.Shore of O'ahu)
      > Canal Surfing since I was 17 (Hey, I live in a desert)
      > Hang/Para Gliding and occasional Sailplane off and on since I was 18.
      > Wintersticking since I was 18.
      > Flying two line kites off and on for ? years.
      > I am 39 years old.
      > I make a popular fly fishing interzine and I have "mellowed" in my
      > pursuit of speed, boards and soaring, ignoring kite surfing as much as I
      > could until now. Recently, I stopped hang gliding because of it's
      > inherent danger (too many deaths of good friends and my two lovely
      > little boys need a father more than I need to continue to fly in radical
      > super-adibiatic conditions) I took up fishing a little more seriously.
      > Salt water fly fishing is cool, I am having a lot of fun with it and
      > will continue for the rest of my life, but I need a little more juice...
      > Soaring a foot launched wing at cloudbase many miles from where I
      > launched, flying cross country really put a dampener on surfing (any
      > element land | sea | air) When I retired my wing, I lost interest in
      > the adrenaline for a little while. After enjoying the relaxation and
      > successes of my fly fishing and my sabatical from wing and board sports,
      > I miss having regular speed experiences sans combustion. I am back
      > searching and this time I have a renewed interest much like when I
      > figured out how to tube ride, thermal, ride chutes, and skate huge
      > desert pipes.
      > Enter kite surfing.
      > I am primed for it. I do realize that I don't "know" the sport, there
      > is a learning curve but it is within my knowledge base on all accounts.
      > After researching the price of lessons, I have decided to simply
      > purchase my own equipment and teach myself.
      > http://tor-pw1.netcom.ca/~hungvu/kitesurfing.htm
      > I have found the above web to be an AWESOME source of information to me
      > since I am "in this by myself" at this point in time. I am open for any
      > suggestions, conversation, and or a new friend who would like to
      > "oversee" my progress as I go through this "solo".
      > Looking at the San Diego related messages, I can see that they are
      > experiencing some "growing pains" and legality problems in crowded
      > water. It is my intent to use the larger lakes in central Arizona
      > utilizing diurnal wind and local conditions as well as our southwesterly
      > flow. In the event that this works, I won't have to travel so far as my
      > lovely Gulf of California (Puerto Penasco) which has awesome wind!
      > Here are some links of mine for your inspection of my experiences.
      > Soaring Profile of me:
      > http://www.swlink.net/~hangwind/Trahan/Trahan.html
      > Surfing: http://www.swlink.net/~hangwind/Surfer.html
      > And my fly fishing stuff: http://www.smallstreams.com
      > If you would like to "help me" then I would be happy with this. I have
      > not received any messages from the list as of yet so I do not have the
      > "feel" of the group. Normally, I am not so long winded but in my
      > experience this is how to "make friends" in this electronic element.
      > The attached picture is above Waimanalo, Kailua is in the background.
      > It is here that I learned to ridge soar, particularly the Pali and
      > Makapuu.
      > In a blatant move, I see kite surfing as THE sport. Taking off from the
      > flat, jumping into the lift band and ridge line soaring distances,
      > perhaps even dynamic soaring will come with time. I envision this as I
      > am sure that others have already done. For me, simple kite control is
      > paramount at this time.
      > I look forward to maybe meeting some of you one day, but for now, I have
      > a quest to learn the basics and progress.
      > Have a great day,
      > adam >>
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