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  • adam
    9/10/00 Hello group, My name is adam trahan and I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am in the investigation phase of my kite surfing adventure. There is no one in my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2000

      Hello group,

      My name is adam trahan and I live in Phoenix Arizona.

      I am in the investigation phase of my kite surfing adventure. There is
      no one in my area that is available (that I have knowledge of) who may
      be of assistance to me in my teachings so I am to "teach myself" That
      of which I am no stranger to the "self taught" school.

      My experiences are as follows:

      Skateboarding since I was 5 (I am 39)
      Surfing since I was 17 (Baja, Southern California and 3 years living on
      the N.Shore of O'ahu)
      Canal Surfing since I was 17 (Hey, I live in a desert)
      Hang/Para Gliding and occasional Sailplane off and on since I was 18.
      Wintersticking since I was 18.
      Flying two line kites off and on for ? years.

      I am 39 years old.

      I make a popular fly fishing interzine and I have "mellowed" in my
      pursuit of speed, boards and soaring, ignoring kite surfing as much as I
      could until now. Recently, I stopped hang gliding because of it's
      inherent danger (too many deaths of good friends and my two lovely
      little boys need a father more than I need to continue to fly in radical
      super-adibiatic conditions) I took up fishing a little more seriously.
      Salt water fly fishing is cool, I am having a lot of fun with it and
      will continue for the rest of my life, but I need a little more juice...

      Soaring a foot launched wing at cloudbase many miles from where I
      launched, flying cross country really put a dampener on surfing (any
      element land | sea | air) When I retired my wing, I lost interest in
      the adrenaline for a little while. After enjoying the relaxation and
      successes of my fly fishing and my sabatical from wing and board sports,
      I miss having regular speed experiences sans combustion. I am back
      searching and this time I have a renewed interest much like when I
      figured out how to tube ride, thermal, ride chutes, and skate huge
      desert pipes.

      Enter kite surfing.

      I am primed for it. I do realize that I don't "know" the sport, there
      is a learning curve but it is within my knowledge base on all accounts.
      After researching the price of lessons, I have decided to simply
      purchase my own equipment and teach myself.


      I have found the above web to be an AWESOME source of information to me
      since I am "in this by myself" at this point in time. I am open for any
      suggestions, conversation, and or a new friend who would like to
      "oversee" my progress as I go through this "solo".

      Looking at the San Diego related messages, I can see that they are
      experiencing some "growing pains" and legality problems in crowded
      water. It is my intent to use the larger lakes in central Arizona
      utilizing diurnal wind and local conditions as well as our southwesterly
      flow. In the event that this works, I won't have to travel so far as my
      lovely Gulf of California (Puerto Penasco) which has awesome wind!

      Here are some links of mine for your inspection of my experiences.

      Soaring Profile of me:

      Surfing: http://www.swlink.net/~hangwind/Surfer.html

      And my fly fishing stuff: http://www.smallstreams.com

      If you would like to "help me" then I would be happy with this. I have
      not received any messages from the list as of yet so I do not have the
      "feel" of the group. Normally, I am not so long winded but in my
      experience this is how to "make friends" in this electronic element.

      The attached picture is above Waimanalo, Kailua is in the background.
      It is here that I learned to ridge soar, particularly the Pali and

      In a blatant move, I see kite surfing as THE sport. Taking off from the
      flat, jumping into the lift band and ridge line soaring distances,
      perhaps even dynamic soaring will come with time. I envision this as I
      am sure that others have already done. For me, simple kite control is
      paramount at this time.

      I look forward to maybe meeting some of you one day, but for now, I have
      a quest to learn the basics and progress.

      Have a great day,

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