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Re: [ksurfschool] HELP! kite out of shape..

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  • George Sarris
    If the bladder is twisted and the process Steve has suggested does not work, you may want to remove the bladder and clean out the leading edge thoroughly. When
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 19, 2003
      If the bladder is twisted and the process Steve has
      suggested does not work, you may want to remove the
      bladder and clean out the leading edge thoroughly.
      When removing the bladder be sure to tie your flying
      lines to the tips so you can pull the bladder back in
      after you have cleaned out the leading edge. I use a
      wet/dry vacuum with the hose on the discharge to
      dispel anything in the leading edge. I would then
      inspect the bladder to be sure it is not damaged or
      distorted in any way. Then to replace the bladder,
      put talc into the leading edge, distributing it as
      best you can. Make sure everything is perfectly dry
      before you do this. Use plenty of talc as this will
      ensure that the bladder can move once you inflate it.
      Talc the bladder up real good too before pulling it
      back in. Your kite will smell really good too and the
      beach babes will swarm when you take your kite
      out(just a little humor there). When inflating the
      bladder for the first time, do not fully inflate it.
      Just inflate it enough that it fills the leading edge.
      Then sort of massage the leading edge so the bladder
      can "seat" itself properly. Then let the air out of
      the bladder and repeat the process each time pumping
      up the bladder more and more checking that the kite is
      symetrical. Like Steve says if this doesn't work for
      you then maybe you have a warranty issue with the kite
      Hope this works. Good winds!


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      > G'day P
      > I hope thats not your real name? :-)
      > Don't sweat it, this problem can occur on kites made
      > with "polyfuse" material, as your F-one is.
      > Inflate the kite indoors, in a place with no strong
      > draughts.
      > Look at the kite tip spars, as you have done
      > outside. Notice which way they point. One will point
      > inwards, and the other will most likely point
      > outwards.
      > Ideally the tip spars should point slightly inwards,
      > if the kite is pumped as if you were going to use
      > it.
      > Now look at the LE, is it touching the ground all
      > the way across? In an asymetric steering kite one
      > tip will sit higher than the other, this is usually
      > the tip the is pointing outwards.
      > Now you need to get a reasonably strong volunteer.
      > Have them hold the kites LE near the centre strut,
      > firmly. Depending on which tip you are trying to
      > straighten, work from that side twisting the bladder
      > strongly, every 2', when you get to the tip drop
      > kite back onto the floor, check orientation of the
      > tip struts, and whether the LE is sitting evenly on
      > the floor. If it is not right do the twist procedure
      > again, until you are happy that the kite is
      > symetrical. Test fly, and the tendency to turn
      > should be gone, if it comes back repeat the process.
      > This usually only happens if the kite has been
      > released to the leash in very strong winds, or
      > dragged through the water holding only one tip.
      > If it happens to a brand new kit e return it to the
      > place of purchase.
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > http://www.kitepower.com.au
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      > From: p
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      > Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 1:11 AM
      > Subject: [ksurfschool] HELP! kite out of shape..
      > I noticed my 18M Mach1 starting to fly to the left
      > by
      > its own.
      > It gets worse when pumped harder.
      > When holding the kite on the beach (struts down,
      > hand
      > holding LE back in to wind, kite off ground) the
      > end
      > struts point at an angle towards the right of the
      > kite
      > (its upside down, so asume that in the air they
      > point
      > to the left, causing this problem)
      > So.. I conclude my kite is out of shape. There
      > can be
      > two causes of this. 1) the kite is somehow
      > phucked.
      > 2) the bladder is somehow causing the fabric to
      > twist.
      > I have not had a serious crash.
      > Has anyone seen this?
      > Is there a way to resolve it?
      > Assuming its the bladder, can I fix this without
      > removing the bladder.
      > I'm hoping its the bladder and I'm hoping that I
      > can
      > somehow lay the struts in the opposite direction
      > to
      > their current 'setting' and then inflate the tube.
      > Does anyone think this has a chance of working.
      > thanks in advance
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