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  • Blashy
    What are the light wind conditions? Between 8-12 knots your kite will probably be too small. Hung gave me lessons on his 10m kite and it would stall at times
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2003
      What are the light wind conditions?

      Between 8-12 knots your kite will probably be too small.

      Hung gave me lessons on his 10m kite and it would stall at times for me.

      I bought a Black Tip 16.6 (12.2 projected) which is said to be for 8-18
      knots and it proved to be much more stable for me when the wind in the 8-12
      range (which is pretty much as good as it gets around here). Even Hung
      managed to do some good jumps on it.

      I weigh 150.

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      > Subject: kite size and wind range
      > Help I would really appreciate some advice on wind range expectations
      > for my kites and body size. I just started kiting last year and got
      > as far as working on water starting then it got windy and I was
      > windsurfing all the time! I had a lesson in the Gorge and thought i
      > had directional body dragging, water launching pretty well figured
      > out. I was advised to get a kite of around 12m and bought a Liquid
      > Force flight kite 9.5 projected and a Slingshot manta TT board but
      > didn't use this gear. Now I'm trying to get the gear working on light
      > wind days and just don't seem to be able to get any power? I've got
      > the kite setup for 4 line flying, and have carefully checked all the
      > lines are the same length, i'm using a 24" bar. The kite seems to be
      > very prone to stalling and is extremely difficult to water relaunch
      > even when it's on it's side and leading edge down well forget it no
      > matter how hard i work! If i work it like crazy flying in the power
      > zone i can sort of body drag, but nothing like when i was in the
      > Gorge last year and no way is their enough pull or lift to get me up
      > on the board. I weigh 165lbs. I want to be able to kite for days when
      > I don't have the time to drive out to the Gorge to windsurf and just
      > want to get down to the river near my house which is only 10 minutes
      > away. I live in Vancouver, WA. What is the wind range for this size
      > kite? If as I suspect it is too small (despite the recommendations
      > for beginners) what size and AR should i be looking at? Oh we also
      > have a 7.5 projected Liquid force and a Naish ar5 7.5 and 5.0 for my
      > wife seems like these will never get used!
      > Thanks - Paul
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