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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    I love your anti kids ploy!!! Will definately try it out!! :-))) I think your main problem will be the board is a bit big, and you are most likely flying the
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 10, 2003
      I love your anti kids ploy!!! Will definately try it out!! :-)))
      I think your main problem will be the board is a bit big, and you are most likely flying the kite too high, so when a gust hits or you drop off the back of a wave, you lose your edge.
      Try edging the kite lower and lower towards the water, and really putting a lot of pressure on your rear foot, and point high into the wind. It is important to control your speed, keep it lowish and steady.
      You will notice your kite surges forward of you when you are doing this technique correctly, and you lose speed too.
      And be patient with yourself too, sounds like you are doing really well for the amount of time you have been at it.
      Cya and
      Steve McCormack

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      > Sam,
      > If you ride in a place where you can watch other riders, watch what
      > the more successful riders do and talk to them>

      Thanks Kenny, I would if I could but I'm the only guy in North West
      Tasmania on one of these things! People come out of the trees and
      stare at me while hords of kids come running up the beach
      yelling "Mr, WHAT'S THAT!!!" I reply "it's an incredibly dangerous
      kite, if you ever see it coming towards you run for your LIFE!" They
      usually scream and start running away, thank the kitesurfing God's
      for that!
      I've been out several times since and I feel that I've been pushing
      too hard on my back leg when I've been moving into a wave, sort of
      trying to get the front up. I think I've also been turning the kite
      up, an instinct if somethings coming towards you, which lifts me up,
      flattens out the baord and thus I go scooting. It is hard though, if
      your hanging you arse too low the wave will bite it, too high and
      keeping the edge is difficult.
      The amount of things going on is amazing and every time I go out I
      learn something new, it's fantastic.
      I got air just yesterday as I edged hard into a wave, what a buzz,
      airtime is going to be a whole new thing!
      Aint life great!

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