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Re: [ksurfschool] Thinking about starting kite surfing

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  • Kite Power (Sydney)
    Illya, There are many different types of people doing this sport, don t let your physical stature put you off - take advantage of it! You should learn on small
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 19, 2003
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      There are many different types of people doing this sport, don't let your physical stature put you off - take advantage of it!

      You should learn on small size kites first - to understand the flight principles, eg the wind window, neutral zone, power zone etc. You should get your hands on an instructional video ("How To Rip" is a good one) watch it until you can recite the words in your sleep.

      Once your skills are up to scratch you will need more than one kite to get the most out of the sport... start with a 12m or 14m then move up to a 16, 18m or 20m kite. Your weight will make it more expensive as you will need larger size kites - which cost more.(Flexifoil Storms are a good beginner kite)

      Your lines should be approx 30m, 25 - 40m is OK. When you are first learning you can practice with shorter lines (10 - 15m) you can just fold your 30m lines in half to do this.

      Your board. I would recommend a 157 Underground Wave Tray - This board will last a long time, you won't grow out of it and can work as either a top beginner board or dynamic intermediate to advanced board for your size. They retail for around $1300.00 Otherwise any board between 155 & 170cm should work well for you.

      Bindings, definately use footstraps(NSI non adjustables). Your feet must be able to come out freely - especially when learning or riding in surf. If you decide to go for full bindings, the worst thing that can happen is you loose your nuts or gash yourself. As one foot comes out the other might stay in - disaster!

      Cya and
      Steve McCormack

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      From: illya
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 3:32 PM
      Subject: [ksurfschool] Thinking about starting kite surfing

      I got a few questions if any of you cant be kind enough to answer
      Lately I have been down the beach at stkilder Melbourne Australia
      The other day I seen 40 kites there at one time what an awesome site
      Ok so my questions are
      Im a heavy bloke 135 kilos 6ft4 not fat but not a toothpick either
      Are there many big blokes that do this sport ?
      Am I too large for a kite if not what would I need to have fun on
      and make it an easyer learning experience
      What would be the best kite to learn on ?
      What size kite ?
      How long should the lines be?
      What size/type board should I go for
      And what kind/type of bindings ?

      Im into remote control planes slope soaring and yachts also so
      I have a good understanding of wind
      I also ride motocross have rather good coordination
      And fast reflexes
      Witch might just help me out when it comes time to be dragged around the
      ground/water by a kite
      He he

      Any help would be appreciated
      Illya O'Shea

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