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  • icantfindanickno1use <lshachar@hotmail.c
    Thanks for replying. I ve been trying my depower system that changes the a.o.a on the fly. It has depowerd the kite although made it luff and stuff like that
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 10, 2003
      Thanks for replying.

      I've been trying my depower system that changes the a.o.a on the fly.
      It has depowerd the kite although made it luff and stuff like that :(
      I could easily solve those problems, It's only the bridle lines that
      are pretty messed up. anyhow I've decided that the shadow is too fast
      for kitesurfing: know the feeling when the kite does not fly ahead,
      instead it stalls until you pull one side, Then it starts to go
      forward (to where you pulled it I mean) and you can then steer it -
      With the option to increase a.o.a the kite goes from zero to full
      speed and gives tons of power and the depower is not enough to kill
      the pull. Because of lacking time to build a kite (struggling to buy
      me some time to surf) I'm going to buy a commercial one. Yes, this is
      the end for this foil lover.

      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Mark Pronk <mpronk@m...> wrote:
      > Hey there...
      > Goin upwind with the shadow should be possible, but since the
      kite's not as
      > high performance as the Aero, since it's quite an old design, it
      won't win
      > in the goin-upwind competition.. It's a matter of experience flying
      the foil
      > too.
      > The BOOM speedsystem is quite good so i heard, it's brand new and
      able to
      > change AoA instead of breaking the kite.
      > Tip for building kites (foils and inflato's): go to
      > http://www.homepages.hetnet.nl/~heik/ for a downloadable plan of an
      AR5 like
      > tube.
      > Good luck there dude!
      > mARC
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      > Have fun kiting, whatever you fly!
      > http://www.foils.nl
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      > Van: icantfindanickno1use <lshachar@h...>
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      > Verzonden: zaterdag 4 januari 2003 4:13
      > Aan: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com
      > Onderwerp: [ksurfschool] Help please!
      > Hey There!
      > i've been flying an f-one shadow 7.5 mr kite, until I got sick of
      > (well it can't be it's all my fault not being to go upwind for a
      > year!) then I tried a naish 12 aero and few others and could go
      > upwind easily. I'm having deep thoughts about the subject ever
      > Is a foil with a higher a.r would act more stable then the
      > shadow - and thus won't give me hard pulls like it used to, or is
      > because of all the unused skin with the inflatables they fly less
      > aggressively? - Should I change to inflatables? (kitesurfing that
      > Depowering a kite is crucial. I know few technics to depower a
      > foil, mostly because thinking about the subject for well over then
      > two years (!). have anyone tried the following system? how good is
      > http://www.boom-kites.com/speedsys/speedaddon.htm
      > (cr%$#p one mistaken press of the escape key all the whole last
      > paragraph got deleted)
      > There are lots of sites dealing with making foil kites. not
      > dealing with making inflatables. I've been thinking about finding a
      > plan for a 12 mr 5.5 ar wing, that I could easily just print and
      > to some workshop. can anyone address me to such a site?
      > I have found the Dribbler. had anyone tried it? can somebody give
      > a compare to a commercial kite?
      > Thanks a whole lot for any help!
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